4 Ways To Use Vegan Salted Caramel, Matcha And Turmeric Latte Blends by MAWish Food

4 Ways To Use Vegan Salted Caramel, Matcha And Turmeric Latte Blends by MAWish Food

Make 100% Organic, Vegan & Sugar-Free Homemade Lattes, Bakes, Mocktails and Toppings with MAWish superfood blends

The 4pm snack is something we all live for – and there's no chance we're giving it up anytime soon. So amping up the health-factor using lashings of 100% organic premium wholefoods with adaptogenic properties sound like a winning idea for long-term health.

Liquid Energy - Matcha latte - Organic ceremonial grade matcha + Organic vanilla bean powder.

Liquid Gold - Turmeric latte - Organic turmeric, Organic ginger, Organic cinnamon, Organic vanilla bean powder + black pepper.

Liquid Balance - Salted Caramel latte - Organic maca, Organic cinnamon, Vanilla bean powder + Himalayan sea salt.


1. Drink me

MAWish blended powders are made with carefully selected bio-active ingredients with proven health benefits to create a delicious, all-natural and organic latte blend. Enjoy hot or cold as a perfect coffee alternative. Simply add 1/2 tsp of any blend to a cup and form a smooth paste with a little hot water. Then fill your cup with hot mylk.

2. Mix me

Coming in hot with some mocktail inspiration, MAWish blended powders can be used for creative and a more nutritious cocktail. Try Liquid Gold Pina-Colada, Liquid Energy Mojito or Liquid Balance Espresso Martini.

3. Cook with me

Make a delicious addition to porridge, smoothies, cakes and bakes + savoury recipes with MAWish blended powders.

4. Sprinkle me

MAWish blended powders are a no-added sugar option for sprinkling on roasted veg, salads and soups!
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