5 Key Nutrients For A Natural Skincare Boost That This Specialist Lives By

5 Key Nutrients For A Natural Skincare Boost That This Specialist Lives By

Emma Wight-Boycott from Emma Nutrition is showcasing 5 natural nutrients that you should be adding to your fuel for healthy and hydrated skin, hair & nails.

This easy to follow guide also reveals a convenient and comprehensive way to get these nutrients.

Emma is a nutritionist (MSc Nutr) and skin specialist with a reputation for sourcing the best quality nutrition supplements and foods for your optimal health. Ethically minded, Emma carefully researches every ingredient and ethical manufacturing processes for each product and all products are vegan where possible.

You can shop her recommended range of Qsilica Beauty Supplements, Flor de Sal d'Es Trenc Mallorcan Salt & Atlas Microbiome Tests here.

Natural Beauty From Within

Cleansers and moisturisers are great for stimulate skin health and appearance at the surface layer, however they cannot penetrate the top layer to nourish the deeper layers of the skin such as the dermis, which contains our hair follicles, connective tissues and sweat glands.

Most of us look after our skin on the outside but we can also look after our skin from the inside. Our skin plays a role in our health by acting as a barrier to pathogens as well as insulating, regulating temperature and synthesising Vitamin D. Having great skin is important both for looks and for health.  We need to feed our skin the right nutrients to achieve a healthy radiant complexion.

1. Vitamin C

Key ingredients like vitamin C, which can be found in citrus fruits, is great for promoting collagen formation and skin elasticity.

2. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another staple nutrient, found in spinach, avocado, nuts and seeds, and is a powerhouse for moisturising skin and slowing down the ageing process.

Topical treatments with these ingredients can be great for treating the surface layer in addition to providing many benefits that are more than skin deep.

3 & 4. Zinc and Selenium

Other essential skin nutrients are Zinc and Selenium which both act as antioxidants, counteracting environmental damage from UV damage or pollutants. Protecting the skin from further damage they result in stronger skin.

5. Silica

Silica is also amazing for skin health by reducing the signs of premature skin ageing. It provides support for skin’s integrity and structure by acting as a glue where it sits inside collagen providing strength and flexibility. It supports collagen formation and connective tissue formation, is anti-inflammatory, balances hormones, helps red blood cells carry ~20% more oxygen and can contribute to knitting together internal mucosal layers too such as the gut lining.

When looking for a Silica supplement it is crucial to get one that is absorbable and can target the deepest layers of the skin. Colloidal silica has a nano particle size makes it the most absorbable form of silica that is easily absorbed into the bloodstream and distributed in the body where it is most needed.

For a convenient and comprehensive way to get these nutrients, Qsilica Vegan Beauty Supplements are formulated with colloidal silica, and available as pure silica liquid or with other nutrients for skin or collagen formation.

Proudly free from: Sodium Benzoate, animal collagen, gelatin, animal ingredients, gluten and PEG compounds, the range of QSilica ingestible beauty supplements strengthen skin, hair & nails and help promote your body’s natural collagen production.

It is also important to sustain a clean, healthy diet to achieve the best results – plenty of exercise, water, leafy greens, wholegrains, legumes and fruits.

Contains colloidal mineral silica, biotin, zinc and selenium in a convenient, once daily supplement to promote joint and bone health.

Silicon supports bone integrity, assists connective tissue production and supports the skin's structure and integrity, plus together with biotin and zinc, supports the health of your skin, hair and nails.

Selenium and zinc help reduce free radical damage to body cells. Qsilica multi-nutrient tablets can support nail, skin and hair growth and repair for those looking to maximise their outer vitality.

Contain patented natural wheat extract Ceramosides™, mineral silica, natural vitamin C & acerola berry to maintain skin health, support collagen formation and reduce free radicals formed in the body.

As our skin's ceramides decline with age, our skin becomes dry and itchy creating pulling sensations and wrinkles. Qsilica Pro Collagen's hero ingredient is Ceramosides®, a clinically researched, patented and natural wheat extract which supports healthy collagen formation and assists connective tissue production to help combat this problem.

Not a tablet person? Skin, Hair & Nails ORIGINAL is a colloidal silica formula with refreshing natural lemongrass to be added to water, juices or smoothies for a delicious and mineral-rich boost to help maintain collagen health + support the skin’s structure and integrity.

Qsilica Original Silica Liquid is a non-toxic, safe to use for replenishing silica mineral levels whilst containing no artificial colours or flavours. As part of the natural preservative system, the liquid has a refreshing lemongrass flavour due to the inclusion of natural lemongrass essential oil which helps to preserve the product’s integrity.

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