5 Tips To Mindful Mondays - Bringing The Ommm To The Office

5 Tips To Mindful Mondays - Bringing The Ommm To The Office

A special welcome to the wonderful team at Hello Jo who share 5 simple things you can do at work to help you feel calmer!

No more feeling those Sunday blues!!!


We often think of meditation as sitting in the lotus position saying ‘OMMMM’ over and over again to a flickering candle. But the ancient yogis also taught meditation through one's daily actions - the idea is that any activity can become a source of peacefulness and joy. And that includes work.


So how do you bring the calm to the office?

Our top 5 tips to Mindful Mondays:

1. Consciously intend to have a calm, focused day

Before the day starts, take a couple of focused moments to breathe in and out deeply, setting your intention to stay calm and present throughout the day, whatever it may bring.

2. Do one thing at a time - complete it, and only then move on to the next thing

We’re often hostage to our divided attention, especially at work with so much going on around us. So make the effort to focus on one thing at a time - only when it is completed should you move on to the next thing.

Calmly slow your thoughts and actions down until you can concentrate - after a while the process become natural and you’ll naturally start to accomplish more.


3. Take pleasure in your work if possible and be present with others

It’s all too easy to joylessly complete a task, after all, it’s work! But try to appreciate something done well, a meaningful moment, unexpected praise or the presence of colleagues.

And aim to be the beacon for others, giving them suitable compliments or stopping to laugh when you have time. If someone’s telling you something, actively listen to what they’re saying and they’ll appreciate it.


4. Place stickers around your desktop to bring your awareness back to the present

By placing a few coloured stickers around your desktop, you become more in control of your environment and are able to work at your own rhythm. Every time you see the stickers - whatever they may be, pause, breathe in and breathe out - calmly bringing your awareness back to the present.

5. At the end of the day, congratulate yourself on your growing mindfulness

When the working day is finished, return to your breath. Reset your intention to leave your work behind for the next day. Be conscious that you’ve moved on to a new part of the day, which means focusing on your relaxation activities and appreciating the moments your spend with friends and family. It’s your time now.

Written by Hello Jo | Wellness & Self-Growth

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