Green Smoothie Recipe: The Perfect Hydrating Drink

Green Smoothie Recipe: The Perfect Hydrating Drink

Broccoli People's delicious summer recipe will help you nourish your sweet tooth and quench your thirst!

If you're trying to achieve a healthy weight, these recipes can provide a lighter snack and tasty drink option.

Green Smoothie Recipe

During hot summer days we need to keep hydrated and restore the nutrients that we can lose in our sweat, like vitamin C, and electrolytes, like potassium and calcium. That means that is not enough to just drink water specially if it is bottled water with no nutrients in it, and we also need to top up our diet with more fruits and veggies.


The most common signs of dehydration are headache and fatigue, and for sure you don’t want to spoil your summer time because of this. The easiest way to increase the intake of all these nutrients is by drinking them! Yes, it is the time of the year for juices and smoothies, and not just iced coffees or milkshakes.


So, this green smoothie would give you vitamin C, electrolytes, fiber, and it is also full of anti-inflammatory properties! Take it once a day to get all you need!

1 cup coconut water or plain water,

1 cup spinach leaves or 1 celery stalk,
1 green apple,
Lemon juice from 2 big lemons,
Mint leaves,
1 thumb-sized piece of freshly peeled ginger,

(optional: Half an avocado or 1 cup of ice).


1. Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend until it is smooth and beautifully green.

2. Add ice if you want to make it thicker and colder, and avocado to make it more dense and nutrient rich.

Written by Broccoli People | Mind Your Life, Mind Your Body


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