An Introduction To Mindfulness Eating

An Introduction To Mindfulness Eating

An adapted fragment from the book “Food for your Brain & Emotions” by Broccoli People.

The trick to become healthier is actually in your mind

Mindfulness helps to set the physical time and the mental space to observe yourself, your thoughts, and your tendencies. It allows a deeper understanding, helping you to change, and to evolve.

Have you ever been eating without realising how much you eat, or even the taste of it? Bringing awareness to it could be the key to realise your behaviour, its consequences, and to transform your habits.

Mindless means your mind is somewhere else but not here, while mindfulness implies being in the moment paying attention of the happenings in and out yourself, as an impartial observer without judgement.

Mindless eating is an activity in automatic pilot without realising what you are actually putting inside your body, like watching TV while having dinner, being multitasking at lunch, or busy in your worries during breakfast.
The main trick to become healthier is there, in your mind. Not in industrially made low fat products, exhausting yourself in a gym one day, or having lemons in the morning. Because, if any of this is a reaction to compensate a previous excess, to not face some feelings or thoughts putting the focus on something else, or to follow a trend, then you are making yourself busy, but not really healthier.
You are the result of everything you do and don’t, and certainly not only of the things you do as exceptions, or the things you post in your social media. And you can only know this for yourself.

Being disconnected with the body could lead to not hear the messages from it, when it is full or hungry, or understanding what it needs, like driving a car blindly. And it could have some consequences sooner or later, which causes would seem unexplainable.

But, in most cases everything started much earlier, in a long slow process of choices along years. And this, could probably have been prevented by bringing more awareness to your actions, allowing the mental space to take different turns, and so, to make a different history.

So, start catching yourself when you lose attention, observe what triggers your feelings, and get in touch with the layers of your mind where choices are made. Understanding of it would make you see clearer your intentions and tendencies, allowing you to make different choices, and therefore, new long term habits.
Written by Broccoli People | Mind Your Life, Mind Your Body
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