Blackcurrant Arctic Power Berries: The Health Benefits

Blackcurrant Arctic Power Berries: The Health Benefits

100% pure blackcurrant powder by Arctic Power Berries is made with hand-picked wild blackcurrants from the clean, unpolluted Finnish nature. Naturally rich in vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients and fibre, one teaspoon is equal to a handful of fresh berries.

Over 700g of fresh berries are used in each 70g tube (300g in each 30g tube) of Blackcurrant Arctic Power Berries, giving you a packed & convenient boost of antioxidant, nutrients vitamins and colour to add to your cereal, yogurt, smoothies, porridge & bakes.


Why you'll love the benefits of wild-grown Arctic blackcurrant berries:

- Excellent source of vitamin C (more than 4x more than in oranges)
- Traditionally been used in treating cold and flu symptoms
- Full of natural antioxidants - can contribute to anti-aging benefits and relieving skin conditions
- Antioxidants can help support immune system and promote metabolism
- Beneficial source of flavonoids and omega fatty acids
- Excellent source of essential vitamins A, B, C and E
- Rich in dietary fibre that supports digestion
- Contains minerals such as calcium, copper, potassium, magnesium and manganese
- Beneficial source of iron – can prevent immunity deficiencies
- Low in sugar, calories and fat
- Antioxidants can contribute to weight loss and maintaining a healthy metabolism
All calories (and other nutritional facts) on the tubes are listed by 100g, so we've estimated the rough calorie per teaspoon to be:
Blackcurrant = 299kcal per 100g.
One teaspoon of powder is about 3-4g (a recommended serving size).

Using 3g per typical serving, the calories will be around 8.97kcal per teaspoon.

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