Bumps and Burpees - Pregnancy Workout

Bumps and Burpees - Pregnancy Workout

Having trained most of my life, pregnancy presented me with a new and exciting challenge of keeping fit! Exercise is really encouraged throughout pregnancy for a healthy mum and baby, plus being stronger and fitter is only going to help you in labour (if anything can help!)



I am currently 34 weeks pregnant so into the final stages before baby arrives! Here's a little insight into how I've adapted my workouts for pregnancy. It's important to do workouts within your fitness levels as pregnancy isn't the time to be breaking new boundaries with your body. Think of it as a maintenance phase, rather than a building phase within your training.


I focus a lot of my training around the hips and glutes to reduce the risk of back pain during the final stages of pregnancy when bump is pretty heavy! And luckily so far, I haven't really had any aches or pains.

So here is a simple workout I've been doing to keep strong. All exercises are done using body weight as bump is providing me with the overload I need anyway! I 'm currently 10kg heavier than my pre baby weight so every exercise is essentially loaded now.

2 sets x10 reps
Walking Lunges
2 sets x10 reps alternating each leg
Lateral Lunges
2 sets x10 reps on each leg
Kneeling Press Up (floor or bench)
2 sets x10 reps
Single Leg Glute Bridge
2 sets x10 reps
Step Ups or Single Leg Squats
2 sets x10 reps
Bench Tricep Dips
2 sets x10 reps

I find I'm doing the exercise slower and with more focus on control than output as balance is sometimes a bit off these days (big bump on the front change your centre of gravity somewhat!).

So take your time going through each exercise. I like to do each set once through as a circuit then go back to the start. You may find yourself out of breath more often than earlier in your pregnancy as your circulatory system is working overdrive. Take a minute or so between each exercise, and around 2 minutes rest after each circuit of all the exercises.

Tiredness and exhaustion is common in pregnancy so if you don't feel like it one day, never stress about taking a day off (I've taken plenty and substituted training for eating!). Sometimes I get one through one set of this type of workout and don't feel up to the second set. That's ok too. Work within your boundaries rather than pushing yourself to an extreme.



Working out when pregnant can be hard but it should never be painful. If you do get any pain during exercise make sure you consult your doctor or midwife to make sure you are safe to continue.

I am definitely enjoying the new challenge of keeping fit whilst growing a human!

We will keep you posted on our progress!

Julie & Bump

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