Cashews, Popcorn and Granola Vegan Snack Experiences From East Bali Cashews

Cashews, Popcorn and Granola Vegan Snack Experiences From East Bali Cashews

East Bali Cashews craft delicious oven roasted cashew snack experiences with fresh and delicious ingredients and flavours sourced from nature.

They are growing an ethical social enterprise community alongside smallholder farmers located in the heart of Karangasem, in the beautiful foothills of Mount Agung in rural East Bali. They produce deliciously fresh & unique cashew snacks that empowers local farming communities through sustainable employment, agriculture & educational initiatives.

A little known fact – cashew nuts are attached to the bottom of cashew apples. Once the cashew apples are perfectly ripened, they fall from the trees and are harvested from the fallen fruit.

The hot Balinese sun is used to dry the cashews, and their tough outer shells are removed. Every single cashew is carefully peeled by hand in order to ensure its premium quality and excellent degree of moisture, then are oven roasted. Then the delicious cashews are flavoured using fresh, local ingredients, free from any preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Their kitchen cooks up snacks that are healthy, gourmet and worry-free. With East Bali Cashews you can have a clear conscience devouring tasty treats.

Why are nuts...the nuts?

First and foremost, they taste great and have fantastic texture. They are also proven to have numerous long-term health benefits as well as give long-lasting energy. Nuts are packed with vitamins and minerals and provide a healthy portion of fats, protein and fibre to give a great boost to your day.

East Bali Cashews, packed with the vitamins and nutrients essential to good health, provide a healthy portion of fats, protein and fibre to give a great boost to your day. They make a great replacement for animal fats and proteins, and their delicious flavour makes them a satisfying snack.

Your body relies on selenium, an important mineral, for many of its basic functions, from reproduction to fighting infection. The cashew snacks offer 3 mcg of selenium per ounce - every little helps, especially if you follow a vegan diet.


Although nuts are a naturally excellent snack, they are so delicious and it can be easy to overindulge. So East Bali Cashews products come in multipacks containing 10 individually wrapped packets, perfect to have for post-workout fuel, in your drawer at work or just at home for when you need a tasty nutritious snack in front of a film.

The Granola Bites, Popcorn and Cashews also work a treat on top of pancakes and waffles, breakfast bowls and bakes! A natural source of protein, with some added East Bali natural ingredient magic!

Delicately dusted oven roasted cashews with Balinese Chilli-lime, Cacao, Sea Salt & wild-harvested Roasted Coconut flavours by East Bali Cashews


Preservative & gluten free mouthwatering snacks packed with intense flavour!

Super popular with fitness fans when you're looking for a healthy treat, they taste great when blended with a little milk or coconut oil for the perfect chocolate cashew butter!

Plant based Popcorn with chocolate or salted caramel with creamy cashew clusters from smallholder farmers in Bali.

The perfect mix of sweet and salty. Sourced from 100% natural ingredients, each bag of crunchy popcorn and mouth-watering cashews makes a great natural source of gluten-free, vegan energy.

Vegan bitesized oat granola clusters, oven baked with coconut and banana or chocolate with cashews.

Energy-boosting Granola on the Go!

This makes a delicious and easy breakfast option or healthy snack throughout the day. You'll love the bite-sized clusters that provide natural energy to fuel your day.

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