Curious About Natural Health? Effective Ways Of Supplementing Lost Minerals

Curious About Natural Health? Effective Ways Of Supplementing Lost Minerals

Supporting natural anti-inflammatory // Winter virus protection Skin repair // Muscle recovery Rebalancing hormones // Meat-free diets

The human body consists of about 4% minerals which control every organ and all the electrical impulses in the body. Minerals, like the 50 billion cells in our body which they feed, are dependent on each other for their operation. Therefore we need the full spectrum. Supplementing lost minerals, lost though diet imbalances, physical and emotional exertion, environmental toxins etc. is essential for your long-term health.

The Health Factory nano-mineral supplements consist of exclusively the mineral in question suspended in the purest water.

Nothing added. They have no taste, no colour, no odour and are non-toxic.

They are already diluted, immediately ready for ingestion or application to the skin.

It's the next generation of mineral waters.

They provides fast and effective ways of supplementing minerals in a no-pill formula via the bloodstream without relying on a properly functioning digestive track.​ If you choose to massage the mineral water onto your skin, you'll be easing muscle tension at the same time.​

What Are Nano-Minerals?

  • Fastest working minerals that we know (results within 1-10 mins).

  • Nano minerals can be ingested or applied externally.

  • Nano minerals are 100% pure, they do not contain any additives.

  • Nano minerals are 100% biologically available (easily absorbed into the body, therefore you need less product to achieve the desired effect).

  • Nano minerals are completely safe, are very stable and have a long expiry date.

  • Nano minerals increase the stimulus transfer between all cells in general and the nerve cells in particular. Nano minerals can penetrate deep into the tissues and also cross the blood-brain barrier so that they can do their work at any desired location.

  • Nano minerals attract and clean up diseased, dead and damaged cells through their high electromagnetic field. Therefore ensuring faster recovery of tissue, promoting overall health.

  • Nano minerals, unlike all other minerals, have circular particles and a high zeta potential (aka. the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds the particle). This essentially makes sure that the particle floats in the water and doesn't clump together - important for the stability, shelf life and effectiveness of the mineral.

  • Nano minerals have a high energy vibration value, meaning the energy of the particle is transferred to surrounding cells by resonance.

The Health Factory produces an exceptionally high-quality range of colloidal minerals, with bioavailability or absorbability being second to none. Every aspect of production, from the particle size and shape of the mineral, to dark-violet Miron glass that they use to protect and enhance the product, has been selected to produce the finest elemental, non-compound mineral range. 

What Do You Want To Support?

Nano Silver 🤧 Natural anti-inflammatory & recovery
Nano Zinc & Silver 😷 Winter virus protection
Nano Zinc 💁‍♀️ Immune system & skin repair
Nano Zinc & Copper -🦴Immune system and hair, skin & joints
Nano Gold 🧠 Rebalancing hormones, skin care & brain performance
Nano Iron 🩸 Blood iron & meat-free diet support
Nano Magnesium 🏃‍♂️ Exercise & muscle recovery
Nano Platinum 💍 Focus, regulating hormones & tissue regeneration aid
Okinawa Sea Coral Mineral 🦷 Replenishing minerals and support for joints + alkalising
Glow & Shine 💪 Skincare
Indium 🥰 Essential trace element
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