DNA Analysis: How It Helps With Diet, Fitness, Health and Wellbeing

DNA Analysis: How It Helps With Diet, Fitness, Health and Wellbeing

DNA analysis… whats it all about?

Long gone are the days of following generic advice on eating, training and recovery. Science has evolved to a level which allows us to tailor wellness advice to individuals to maximise effects. After all, no one has exactly the same lifestyle or body. So why would you follow the exact same diets or exercise routines?

How many times have you seen examples of somebody following a certain eating plan, telling you how great it is, only for you to try it and see next to no results?
The areas of wellbeing and performance are now using scientific advances to determine exactly what your body needs, based on DNA testing. This is the bespoke method to achieve the health improvements you want without wasting time or energy.

So how does DNA Analysis for Fitness work?

Initially you order a DNA testing kit to be delivered to your house. Inside this is a kit for taking a saliva swab from your mouth. Once taken, this is sent back to the lab where the team of FitnessGene scientists extract your DNA from the saliva cells. From this DNA, scientists are able to extract and analyse over 40 genes related to health, fitness and wellbeing. All these insights are geared towards your weight loss or physique goals, based on your genetics.
To give a few examples of genetic responses that will be analysed, we will start with eating behaviour. The saliva test will be able to tell you your body's responses to feeling full, feeling hungry, energy metabolism and even whether you have a tendency towards snacking, binge eating or sugar craving.
Your DNA testing may also highlight if you are high risk for development of diabetes or other chronic conditions.
In terms of exercise responses, the genetic analyses done will be able to advise on whether your body is likely to respond more to muscular endurance or power based exercises and how quickly you are likely to recover from different exercise stimuli.

What do you do with the DNA Analysis for Fitness information?

So whilst you may think things like that would be interesting to know, it is important to understand the significance of that knowledge in its wider context. Knowing scientific facts of how your body will respond to certain exercise stimulus will allow you to tailor your workouts; using the methods you know for a fact your body will respond and adapt to.


The DNA testing can also advise on predisposition to certain injuries, such as Achilles tendinopathy. If you find out you do have that predisposition, a simple prevention programme can be added into warm ups to minimise this risk.

In terms of nutrition, gaining information about your body’s craving and response to food is of vital importance. This allows your to target food groups to maximise health, whilst avoiding food groups that may exacerbate your risk factors. Knowing your genetic profile regarding nutrition will prevent you ever following rules or diets which simply will never work for you.

Once you have sent off your saliva swab and DNA has been analysed in the lab, you’ll receive a genetically tailored wellness plan, meaning you won’t need to worry about interpreting the results yourself. Leave that to the scientists. The analysis includes a workout plan, recommended recipes and a nutrition guide based on your genetic makeup.

You'll get:
  • Free 1 week Genetically-Tailored Workout Plan (including personalised workout frequency, volume, rest & recovery and exercise types and video demonstrations)
  • 31 Personal Insights on how you respond to diet & exercise
  • 18 Personal Actions to optimise your nutrition & performance
  • Insight Summary Report
  • Safe and Balanced Nutrition Guide - eat according to your genetic make-up, lifestyle & fitness goals (including meal frequency, calorie intake, macronutrient ratios & supplement needs for the physique you desire)
  • Recommended Recipes - helping you select which meals to eat for the best results.
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