What Hand Grips Are Best For Your Workouts?

What Hand Grips Are Best For Your Workouts?

No more ripped hands, no more wrist pain when you train.

Do you want something softer with your hands but with good grip?

The Velites SHELL FLEXY Hand Grips in 3 unisex hand sizes, incorporate high-tech materials to protect you in each workout of the day.

Most of us won't have sprung floors like the gym and if you are training outdoors, uneven surfaces can give your hands a bit of a battering.

These hand grips are ergonomic, 3 layer patented & breathable.


Shell Flexy are the perfect flexible hand grip when you want:

  • A firm grip on a bar, kettlebell or rings

  • To increase stability during snatches, overhead squats or clean and jerk

  • Avoid annoying calluses and wounds

  • The soft layer to reduce vibrations and protect your joins in high impact workouts

  • An outer layer to be friction-resistant and designed to prevent sweat from soaking the handgrip

  • Chalk to be preserved, avoiding unnecessary stops during workouts

  • Protect the whole palm to avoid injuries

  • Padded to avoid discomfort between your fingers

  • Extreme comfort thanks to their elasticity

  • Recommended for sensitive skin

  • Prevent painful pinching with standard gym gloves

Velites are designers of athlete-quality fitness equipment, and have designed the Shell Flexy Hand Grips with 3 layers of high tech fabrics for the ultimate skin protection and functional performance:

- The Artico® layer (red mesh) helps retaining chalk to avoid slippery effect. absorbs sweat and stays dry for hours.
- The Flexy® (middle) layer reduces impact and absorbs vibration while improving grip.
- The Ondura® layer (textured black) makes them resistant to high friction and erosion.

 The micro Velcro provides a powerful hold for an enhanced and worry-free training experience. With the handgrips by Velites you will keep your hands healthy for the next workout!

You gain exclusive access to the Velites Sports Academy training plans, tips and tricks to perfect your technique, created by professional athletes. Learn to stretch, improve your mobility and recover correctly to avoid injuries.

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