How To Build A Brand: Sustainable Luxury Sportswear

How To Build A Brand: Sustainable Luxury Sportswear

League Collective (Sustainable Luxury Sportswear) have released a collection of videos on their You Tube Channel taking you behind the brand.
Here is the full Vlog virtual tour, taking you behind some of the major decision processes in design, fabric and marketing behind building a successful and sustainable UK activewear brand.
This article is a must for any budding entrepreneur with athleisure-wear dreams or for anyone interested in the getting their sportswear from a credible & sustainable brand like League Collective.

How To Build A Sustainable Sportswear Brand: League Collective

League Collective Sportswear is comfortable, practical, wicking and antibacterial, for the versatile and capable urban athlete.
They develop highly functional, strong and durable garments through processes that have minimal impact on landfills and the wider environment.
All the clothes are made in the UK using 100% Recycled fabrics wherever possible. We believe they have designed one of the most sustainable yet functional garments on the market!
Improvements in technology mean that the creation of high-tech fabrics does not have to harm the environment, but rather can support it ... so let the clothes you wear support the effort you invest in every part of your day.
Lilly Richardson, creator of League Collective shares in this Vlog series, the steps she took from her original idea, the design, choosing the best recyclable fabric and the branding process. Watch and understand how much love goes into making your gorgeous garments!

Part 1 - League Collective's Fabric Design Process

Constantly doodling? Love that tattoo you designed?
Pick up some great tips on how to turn your creative juices into a business idea like Lilly from League Collective.
She explains how her original henna tattoo doodle led to prototype fabric designs, plus an explanation about why your League Collective clothing uses dye sublimation, not digital printing, to keep the design printed no matter what moves your body makes!

Part 2 - League Collective's Material Process

Want to know the truth behind some brand's claims of having 100% recycled fabrics?
Lilly explains the natural fabric research that goes into all League Collective garms and how they chose the sustainable, durable & multipurpose material to sit well on the body.
She tells us how this fabric would also be as environmentally friendly as possible so that you can keep wearing it for a lifetime to reduce your amount of wastage on this planet.

Part 3 - League Collective's Clothing Design Process

Want to get a sneaky peek of the original samples of your fave activewear?
Lilly takes you through how the seamless technology construction, style and durable performance of your League Collective sports tops, bras and leggings are thought out and sampled, the process of finding a factory that specialises in active fabrics and how the samples progressed to the current collection.

Part 4 - League Collective's Logo Name & Design

How 'League Collective' was formed by watching how Lululemon did business!
This vid is all about finding the best Logo design to fit the brand ethos and how it's the community around the brands that do well, like Lululemon, that influenced the name League Collective.

Part 5 - League Collective's Video Marketing & Branding Process

How Lilly got the League Collective brand out into the world & how she build her crowdfunding video on Indiegogo.
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