How To Choose A Good Greens Powder: Best Ingredients For Fitness Recovery

How To Choose A Good Greens Powder: Best Ingredients For Fitness Recovery

Whether you’re training, competing or simply living a busy life, greens supplements can help you get the maximum from every activity without the comedown, jitters or other adverse effects you get from sugar, caffeine or pre workout drinks.

Of course a balanced diet and eating ‘food for fuel’ is the first priority, but sometimes you need a bit more – and even the healthiest diet can’t keep us fuelled for peak performance on its own.

So choosing a super-charged greens powder to help give a noticeable boost in energy, mood and fitness performance is key. Make sure you choose something that is effective in:

> SYNERGY (grouped ingredients, perfectly suited to be timed around your schedule)

> CONVENIENCE (from experience, feedback and a real world approach)

> INTEGRITY (full & effective honest dosages)

> NO COMPROMISE (No artificial sweeteners affecting gut health and more. Formulation and sourcing focused on delivering the best results not the high profit margins).

We recommend HENCE Greens Stack Nutritional Support Supplement - a 100% natural juicy peach flavour powder for adding to your morning water, juice and smoothies with a range of premium phytonutrients, Nootropic, Adaptogenic and anti-inflammatory ingredients.
Whether you’re training, competing or simply living a busy life, Greens Stack helps you get the maximum from every activity. Greens Stack is designed to give a noticeable boost in mood, focus and energy from day one along with performance, recovery and health benefits including:
  • Improved recovery rate

  • Increase energy & reduces fatigue

  • Aids a healthy diet with additional greens

  • Anti ageing & anti inflammatory properties

  • Clearer skin & stronger nails

  • Stress relief & mood boosting properties

  • Reduced risk of disease

  • Improvement in performance

  • Decreased sugar cravings

  • High in vegan proteins

Designed to cover the micronutrients missing from your diet in a convenient peach flavoured powder drink sweetened with natural stevia, it is formulated from Algae, roots, herbs, spices and plant leaf extracts, making Greens Stack a dark slightly sweet mix.

How is Greens Stack different to any other fitness supplement?

Supplementing is often misunderstood and mis-managed. For example ‘saving’ your daily macros or workout with a protein powder or pre-workout isn’t going to get you to a better place long term. Getting your body to optimum performance and health should be part of the same goal, without sacrificing long-term health benefits for short-term artificial performance boosts and synthetic products. When you’re healthier, you perform better.

Why are Phytonutrients and Adaptogens important in your Greens?

Phytonutrients (natural plant products with wide ranging micronutrient qualities) and Adaptogens (proven positive mental and physical beneficial herbs) support you to perform at your best, naturally. They improve your wellbeing in the short and long term and even the healthiest diet will miss some of these valuable powerhouse ingredients. Even those you do ingest, you may not be optimally absorbed for a number of reasons.

Greens Stack offers full proven dosages of these best-in-class ingredients.

The combination of ingredients are antioxidants, mood-boosters, hormone-balancers, energy boosters and anti-inflammatories stacked into one super greens product.

Greens Stack Ingredients

With over 300 studies and citations on the ingredients inside Greens Stack and their effects, the team at Hence have really done their homework! The summary below takes a look at what's inside the Greens Stack and a comprehensive look at the research can be found here - you’ll need to be sitting comfortably for this one!


A source of IRON. One of the best natural sources of VITAMIN K. Organic as it takes lots of it's best properties from the ground it grows in.

Good enough for Popeye!

KALE 2000mg

A heroic ANTI-INFLAMMATORY. A potent ANTIOXIDANT. PHYTONUTRIENT properties include- anti-cancer, anti-ageing, vision, heart and brain promoting.

Natural antioxidant magic!


Source of SULPHORAPHANE, an amazing cancer-fighting molecule. Studies have shown other benefits including fat-loss, gut health, bone growth and more.

Better than big broccoli!

MATCHA 5000mg

Rich in CATECHINS, a phyto-style ANTIOXIDANT that protects the liver and neutralises free radicals - train harder for longer. Improves cognitive function and reduces stress. In its raw form, Matcha is 70 times more potent than green tea in its Catechin make up. It has been proven to aid reduction in BMI whilst boosting metabolism

Next-level antioxidant!


A deep-green algae, super nutrient dense with infection-fighting PROTEINS. Energising and mood boosting. Supports immune system and fat burning.

Dominating supplement!


A small but powerful ANTIOXIDANT tree from India. Ancient medical uses due to it's high levels of VITAMIN A, C, E, CALCIUM and POTASSIUM.

Bees-knees in edible trees!


Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, used for centuries as a physical healer and to lift mood. Best-in-class natural Anti-inflammatory.

Beast from the east!


Also known as Lion's Mane, this medicinal mushroom improves cognitive function with it's unique blend of powerful MINERALS.

King of Mushroom extracts!


A PHYTOESTROGEN-enriched herbal remedy used in traditional Chinese medicine to stimulate the blood and brain.

Seen it before?


Known as piperine, this helps the body to access the benefits of curcuma by increasing it's bioavailability.

For the curcuma!


A type of cruciferous vegetable used to balance hormones, enhance mood and even promote fertility.

Rooted in performance!


One of the most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. Promotes health by controlling cholesterol and relieving stress.

Muscle & Meditation!



Juicy Peach flavour - Natural flavourings and Stevia for sweetness. Stevia is a natural botanical extract and is the only sugar replacement with no negative side effects. Multiple studies show stevia’s positive impact on blood pressure and blood glucose levels.

The most immediate and noticeable impact of Greens Stack is the energy boost, so we suggest taking it early in the day to harness this power. For some, the energy boost can last for a couple of days so you may not need to use Greens Stack every day.

Start with 1 scoop (10g serve) about 1 hour after waking up. You can add it to water (we suggest 300ml) or put it in your shake, smoothie or juice.

Try increasing your dose before a sporting event. Greens Stack will offer extra immune support, and reduce free radicals and inflammation - perfect for combatting the increased strain of preparing for a competition.

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