How To Clean Your Microfibre Yoga Mat In Only 5 Steps

How To Clean Your Microfibre Yoga Mat In Only 5 Steps

Eve Hardcastle from Wolf & Mermaid's Eco Yoga products is taking over the resource centre with a 5-step guide to easy-cleaning your yoga mat.
We often breathe deeply and closely to our mats when we practice and it’s good to know that you aren’t breathing in any toxic chemicals or anything nasty with a Wolf and Mermaid mat. They are absorbent and therefore have non-slip technology - the more you move on the mat, the less you'll slip.
If you've used a sticky rubber mat before, you'll know what it boats in grip, it makes up for it in being hard to clean. However the Wolf & Mermaid mats are super easily cleaned and are not sticky, therefore nothing gross from the yoga studio floor will be picked up and taken home with you.


How To Clean Your Microfibre Yoga Mat In Only 5 Steps

We know how much you are going to love and use your Wolf and Mermaid Yoga Mat so here's all the information you’ll need on how to clean your mat for general muck, dirt, and regular cleaning.

1. Brush off any visible loose bits of dirt or muck.

2. Next, fill a spritz bottle halfway with warm water & add 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil (we’ve used lemongrass).

We suggest using a spritz bottle – but if you are unable to get hold of one instead use a clean cloth and dampen the cloth slightly.

3. Spritz your mat down – try not to get it overly wet.

4. Using a dry paper towel or a clean dry cloth, dab your mat leave the mat to dry before use.

5. Store your mat inside the Wolf and Mermaid Yoga Mat Bags to protect it from spillages, harsh weather and to help free your hands up whilst carrying it!

  • Made with organic eco-cotton, dyed with non toxic dyes, handmade and built to last.

  • The zipper runs the entire length of the bag so it is simple to tidy away.

  • Because the Wolf and Mermaid mats and bags are designed together, you can ensure a perfect fit for either a travel yoga mat or the 3mm thick yoga mat collection.

  • The mat bags have a durable, strong strap to sling across your bod that distributes the weight of the mat to prevent it from digging into your shoulders.

  • The side pocket keeps your mat protected with separate room for your valuables.

What to do if something nasty spills on your mat.....

If a disaster strikes and it’s one of those epic spills, let’s say red wine or melted chocolate or maybe even puppy poop (you never know it might happen!) you might need something stronger to clean it off with. For example, vanish or carpet cleaner.
Here’s how!
  • First, you want to get a dry clean paper towel and scoop up the excess/dab the excess off the mat.

  • Next, you want to grab a clean cloth and dampen it with hot water.

  • Sponge the direct spill area with your cloth (try not to move the spillage around the mat.

  • Use a cleaning product, similar to what you’d use on your carpets at home (you can find eco-friendly carpet cleaners in most supermarkets or online or if it’s a big stain you can use vanish).

  • Apply the cleaning product to the mat in small amounts, and continue to dab with your cloth.

  • Continue to wash your cloth under hot water (ringing it out each time) and keep dabbing till the stain / mark looks removed.

  • Ta da! It’s just like it never happened! Shhh, we won’t tell anyone about the spill!

General Yoga Mat Care Advice

+ Wipe the mat clean after every use. Every 5-10 uses, wash by hand or in the machine at 30 degrees and hang out to dry.
+ Never put your mat in the dryer.

+ Spraying the top of your mat with water before you practice will prevent sliding if your hands or feet are dry.

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