Playful Yoga Mindsets With Yoga Practice Intention Cards

Playful Yoga Mindsets With Yoga Practice Intention Cards

Yoga can help prevent and alleviate a number of conditions, from back pain and digestive issues to bone loss, anxiety, and more.​ Did you know yoga may also be useful to correct imbalances between sympathetic and parasympathetic activity within the body? As a mindful practice, you focus on the breathing and movement holds, which can slow down our bodies stress responses.

A great way to elevate your yoga practice from feeling 'same-y' is to make your time on the mat more playful and meaningful.

Yoga Intention Cards by Ivana are gift boxed, handheld cards in which to read before and after your yoga practice, whether you are a solo-yogi or teaching a yoga class.

These 45 different wellbeing self exploration cards:

🙏 Inspires mindfulness in yoga practice to positive self care;
🙏 Empowers a playful quality to yoga mindsets;

🙏 Helps you feel grounded to gratitude, self-love, patience, inner peace, courage, acceptance, joy, happiness, forgiveness +more;

🙏 Are loved by Yoga Teachers to help holistically soothe yogis in class, giving a deeper dimension beyond purely physical yoga poses.

Every double-sided card has a wellbeing theme & intention and consists of 2 parts. The opening text, read at the beginning of a yoga practice helps set the intention. The closing text, read out at the end has a message to carry back into your day.

It's up to you how you use them - pick one up at random or choose the card with a specific self-care practice that you need to feel inspired with that day.


“These cards are excellent. I've read every word on every one of them. There isn't anything that I'd change about the content.
I think these would be really valuable to new teachers who are looking for a starting point for intentions and for more experienced teachers who want to mix things up. I would definitely use these to prompt myself out of my comfort zone".
Sam Ross, Yoga Teacher, Dedham, Colchester UK

Who Are Yoga Intention Cards For?

Yoga Teachers

🙏 If you struggle to constantly come up with an inspiring intention for your yoga classes, these are for you!

🙏 Use these cards to set the powerful intention for your yoga class in the beginning of the practice and to leave something inspirational for your students at the end of the practice to carry throughout their day.
🙏 Give your students an opportunity to pick a card themselves, or you may choose to pick a card to read out loud to everyone before you start your class.
🙏 You can theme your class around this by introducing postures that will help them strengthen this intention and remind your students of the intention throughout the practice.

🙏 45 cards in the gift set helps create a holistic programme of yoga.


🙏 If you love home practice or get to yoga class early and want to settle into some sweet yogi vibes, you can pick one card and read each corresponding side before and after your practice, mindfully letting the intention sit with you.

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