Lingonberry Arctic Power Berries: The Health Benefits

Lingonberry Arctic Power Berries: The Health Benefits

Arctic Power Berries are 100% pure berry powders, hand-picked from the wild, clean, unpolluted Finnish nature. Lingonberry powder, of Scandinavian fame is naturally rich in vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients and fibre, one teaspoon is equal to a handful of fresh berries.

Over 700g of fresh berries are used in each 70g tube (300g in each 30g tube) of Lingonberry Arctic Power Berries, giving you a packed & convenient boost of antioxidant, nutrients vitamins and colour to add to your cereal, yogurt, smoothies, porridge & bakes.


Why you'll love the benefits of wild-grown Arctic Lingonberry:

- Commonly eaten in Scandinavia for their health benefits
- Full of natural antioxidants and polyphenols that can help strengthen the immune system and promote metabolism,
- Anti-aging benefits - antioxidants can have a direct effect on skin, by preventing wrinkles, premature ageing or acne,
- Beneficial source of essential vitamins A, C, E and K,
- Source of iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and manganese,
- Contains flavonoids and polyphenols,
- Rich in dietary fibre that supports digestion,
- Very low in sugar, calories and fat,
- Helps keep blood sugar low, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels,
- Antioxidants can contribute to weight loss and help maintaining a healthy metabolism,
- Widely used to treat cystitis and kidney issues.
All calories (and other nutritional facts) on the tubes are listed by 100g, so we've estimated the rough calorie per teaspoon to be:
Lingonberry = 321kcal per 100g.
One teaspoon of powder is about 3-4g (a recommended serving size).

Using 3g per typical serving, the calories will be around 9.63kcal per teaspoon.

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