Yoga Practice With Meditation Cushions & Bolsters

Yoga Practice With Meditation Cushions & Bolsters

Eve Hardcastle from Wolf & Mermaid's Eco Yoga products shares a guide to why home practice is important for your wellbeing and how to start one.

There are so many reasons to add an eco yoga bolster or meditation cushion into your life - here's a few to get you going!

Wolf and Mermaid is passionate about supporting your home yoga practice!

Why create a home practice?

  • Getting a set complete with a meditation cushion, bolster, and eye pillow as well as your mat you will be able to create your very own corner of happiness for your home practice. See it as a shrine to you and to you giving yourself that slice of time every day to come back to your body and calm your mind.
  • Keeping up a good practice at home can not only help you feel more deeply into the postures but also for you to figure out poses that they might move through quickly in class. You can practice your downward dog or your warrior pose over and over until it feels right in your body.
  • Home practices also mean that you aren’t always limited to the length of a set class time. Love that savasana? Do it for a whole 15mins instead of a casual 2mins! Want more meditation time? Get lost in the meditation for longer. Anything you feel you are craving after your studio practice you can come home and practice for longer.
  • If you find a rare luxury of a free afternoon – having your mat out at home means it’s ready and available as and when you need it and when you get the time. So, if you only have a spare 5 minutes before going to work you can jump on your mat and take in the colours, tune into your breath and feel your body move even if it’s for 5mins, I promise you it makes a difference.
  • Not sure what to do when practicing yoga alone…Don’t panic – you can download amazing online yoga videos or invite some friends over to practice together. You can chat, make tea, make each other laugh and learn something new!

What are meditation cushions and yoga bolsters?

  • Cushioned body supports help to prop you up if flexibility is a concern, help support your alignment and ensure that you can relax more into yoga poses.

  • Wolf and Mermaid knows how important it is to get the right cushioning ready for your seated meditation so you can just relax in stillness. With meditation cushions, you simply take a seat and your hips are propped higher than the floor so comfort.

  • A yoga bolster is like a body pillow but firmer and circular in shape.
  • Its main purpose is to create relaxation, help soften a posture, or aid in opening the body. A bolster is commonly used in prenatal, restorative, and Iyengar based yoga.
  • Yoga bolsters are great at the start or at the end of your practice to begin to open or to unwind and slow down.
  • They are perfect supports for the neck, knees, arms, backs anywhere in the body that you are wanting to soften and also open and add extra cushioning too.
  • Lying down, you can place them over your stomach, acting as an added weight to lower the chest and belly to enhance deep breathing and relaxation.
Have you already got one of these beautiful body supports? Let us know what you think of them in the comments.
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