Meditation Mixtapes by Holiday Phillips

Meditation Mixtapes by Holiday Phillips

28 Min Mixtape of Soothing Music to Meditate To

0:00 Nujabes - Mystline
4.48 GYVUS - Tozen
7.42 J Dilla - Life
12.12 J Dilla - Strugglin
15.36 Drake ft Jay Z - Pound Cake
19.11 Erykah Badu - Cleva
23.41 Uyama Hiroto - One Dream

Who Is Holiday Phillips?

Holiday is a fresh new voice in the meditation world, calling the style she teaches Soulfulness. She blends the traditional practise of mindfulness with the more heart led practises of self compassion and gratitude.

A former chronic stress head with a very loud inner critic, Holiday finally decided that enough was enough and tried her first mindfulness class. This changed everything and led to three years intensively studying everything she could about meditation and travelling around the world to experience different styles. She eventually decided to share all of these amazing learnings, becoming a meditation teacher (and DJ).


Through meditation she wants to help as many people as possible, connect to the deep place of freedom that exists when you learn to accept yourself just as you are. 

Holliday - "Just a few years ago I was constantly stressed, plagued by negative thinking, my self worth was through the floor and I was looking in all the wrong places to find relief.

Finding meditation & mindfulness changed my life. I came to meditation after a series of painful life events collided and my world shattered. I was desperately searching for something to help me put the pieces of myself back together.

On a tip from my mum, I tried meditating. At first I was skeptical. I didn’t know where my third chakra was, I didn't own any crystals and I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a hemp poncho (all things I thought were pre-requisites for being a "meditator").

At first it was hard. Really hard. But after just a few weeks, I began to notice the effects. I still had thoughts of course - but it was like the volume had been turned down and I could just be for the first time ever.

I embarked on a mission to learn everything I could about meditation - from the history to the science. I read every book I could get my hand on and attended course after course. As a DJ, I knew music had to be part of this journey. So, I learnt about its healing properties and how to use it in meditation. Not to mention dedicating hours of time to meditating in my room.

My discovery of meditation set me on a journey to live a more mindful life - but I also loved the warmer, more soulful quality to practises such as self compassion, gratitude and affirmations - so my practise became soulfulness!

Everyone has the potential to live a happy and peaceful life - all you need is the belief that you can and a little help to get there.

If you're here - I hope I can be that help".


Holiday's Top 3 Tips To Keep Meditating

Click here for her video looking at the bigger challenges people experience when they start meditating & the secret on how to stick with meditation.

More about Holiday

Intent on bringing meditation to the next generation of meditators, Holiday has trained for years with some of the best meditation teachers in the world to help you with your meditation practice.


She founded Breathe & Stop – a modern meditation training rooted in science and free from fluff and facilitates regular meditation events - check out her events page for details.


If you liked this check out Holdiay’s weekly guided mediations coming soon on her social channels:

If you have any questions about meditation or mindfulness or want some help getting started, then drop her a line on:
07888678927 or e-contact her through her site.


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