Meet Willow Yoga: Eco Luxe Yoga Kit Inspired By The Love Of Print & Pattern

Meet Willow Yoga: Eco Luxe Yoga Kit Inspired By The Love Of Print & Pattern

An 'all things wellness' interview with Amy Powell, the founder of Willow Yoga. Read how the founders' love of a certain royal garden in London inspired her collection and her tips for healthy mindsets for wellness.
Willow Yoga creates sustainable and environmentally friendly, luxe printed yoga mats & microfibre gym towels & towel toppers (that double as travel mats) for your daily yoga practice.
They are eco-friendly, non slip designs that are inspired by the love of print and pattern, the perfect choice for nature lovers who like bold, rich colours.

What was your inspiration behind your brand & how did Willow Yoga begin?

Yoga has been part of my daily life for several years after discovering my passion for it while travelling in India ten years ago. I saw a gap in the market for really beautiful yoga mats; so many available were plain and didn’t inspire my creative eye. I decided to combine my passion for print and pattern - from my background as a Textile Designer - and yoga, and design my own range of yoga mats to help inspire everyone's daily practice.

Where did you get the inspiration for your designs from?

I have always enjoyed being close to nature and spending as much time as possible outdoors. My creative passion is drawing and painting botanical and floral artworks. My range of “Kew” designs were inspired by Kew Gardens in London, where I would regularly go to unwind and escape busy life in the city.
I also love seeing people's reactions when they see the range for the first time. I aim to create something that is visually appealing, and when this really has an impact on someone, I find this very inspiring.

What are your favourite items or design from your collection?

I love every design that I have created as I have spent a lot of time making sure that we offer something for everyone’s tastes. Colour is really key to creating something inspiring and brightening someone's day.
Tropicana Indigo was my very first mat design, and is the mat that I use now when attending classes, so I am most drawn to this one.

Which items are getting all the love from your customers?

It changes from week to week, but currently our Kew Tropics Hot Pink and Indigo designs seem to be very popular. I often wonder if certain designs are more appealing in different seasons, and certainly when the sun is out, we find that our range of towels toppers become more popular, because they double-up as an excellent travel mat.

What is your fave yoga asana - what does it help with or represent in your body?

I would say “Crow Pose” because it is a good test of my balance and really gives my arms a good workout.

Where are your fave places to workout or ideal wellness location?

It has to be somewhere outdoors with the sun shining. The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali is probably my favourite place I have had the opportunity to practice yoga, it was an incredible experience.

What tips do you have for a successful mindset when it comes to health?

I always try to promote positivity with the brand, even when the world around us is so full-on, it is important to take time out, step back and remember what are the important things in life. I make sure I always take time to catchup with family and friends regularly, and look out for one another.

What are you most proud about in terms of your brand?

It really makes me proud when I get feedback from customers about the impact that my designs have had on them and their yoga practice. I am often told how happy it makes them feel and how inspired they are to rollout their mat for their daily practice.

What does the future hold for Willow Yoga?

I am constantly thinking about new designs and avenues for Willow Yoga. We would like to introduce more designs to the range, but also collaborate with other inspiring wellness brands.
We get great feedback from customers, and when they love the designs, we often get requests for other products that they would like to see the designs on. Watch this space, as we try and turn some of these ideas into reality!

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

If you have a dream or a good idea, don’t be afraid to follow it. You can always start small, try it out, get feedback and keep learning. It will grow from there, but stay true to your values.
  • Eco + biodegradable
  • Free from PVC, Silicone and Phthalates
  • Machine washable
  • Designed to grip better with moisture
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