Omega3zone Liquid Fish Oil + Lemon Taste Test Video

Omega3zone Liquid Fish Oil + Lemon Taste Test Video

Omega3zone is a high strength, GREAT TASTING, omega-3 liquid fish oil supplement. Formulated to improve your health, fitness and performance in all areas of your life.
Providing reliably sourced oil of the highest grade to curb those longer term side effects of high intensity exercise and training, Omega3zone helps you sustain a healthy diet, and be accountable to yourself with your recovery.  
  • overall health,
  • physical and mental performance,
  • our brain, eyes, heart and circulatory system,
  • the health of our hair and nails,
  • Omega-3’s anti-inflammatory properties assist in tissue repair and protein synthesis and when supplemented adequately can prevent serious hormone imbalances.
If you think you might struggle to eat enough Omega-3 rich foods such as fish, and let's face it some people don't like eating fish, then Omega3zone was created to support your busy & active lifestyle. Try balancing your Omega-3 levels by drizzling Omega3zone oil:
  • over your salad,
  • avocado on toast,
  • in your oats,
  • take straight off the spoon
  • in a smoothie
to boost your Omega-3 levels to the recommended daily dose and enhance your recovery. Gain all of the benefits of Omega-3 fish oil, without any of the fish taste and no popping of capsules!



- High potency single dose: at least 2g of EPA and DHA per serving

- Pharmaceutically pure: minimal contamination by toxins and heavy metals

- High bioavailability: immediately available to the body

- Highest quality standards

- And it tastes good. NO MORE FISHY BURPS!

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