Park Workouts - Outdoor Training Series

Park Workouts - Outdoor Training Series

With the last throws of summer still lingering, we wanted to share some ideas of park workouts. Nothing beats a workout surrounded by nature, just you and the challenge in front of you. So get out there and try some of these moves out; we look forward to seeing your moves!

Thanks to Harry from Omni Athlete for demo-ing this workout

+ special squeeky toy thanks to our guest Shiba Inu athlete, Holly!


Bench Jumps

 Find the nearest bench (make sure no peeps are trying to relax and enjoy their lunch on it!). Get your timer out.

 30 seconds. Jump up to the bench and back off as many times as you can in 30 seconds.

 Repeat for 5 sets. If the jumps are too challenging for you, swap for step ups, again aiming to hit as many as you can in 30 seconds.


Bench Triceps Dips

 Use the same bench as in the previous exercise (you can even rest on it in between exercises – handy!).

Position yourself with yo' butt just off the bench, legs out straight so you are holding yourself on your arms.
From here bend and straighten the arms, giving your triceps a good workout.
Aim to complete 3 sets of 8, or add more reps if the exercise feels easy.

 If this is too hard, bend the legs a little, which will offload the arms and make it easier. You can assist yourself by pushing through your feet.


Bench Single Leg Squats

 Benches really are useful objects aren’t they? The single leg squat is one of the best exercises for developing leg strength, and gives high activation of the glutes.

 If you want a strong butt, all you need to do is start off standing in front of your bench, push the hips back to initiate the movement and squat down until you feel the bench.

 Keep the other leg off the floor, then drive up on one leg.

 Work that ankle stability by aiming to complete 3 x 8 with the other leg off the floor. Make sure you work both sides!


Repeated Sprints

 Find a nice stretch of grass and pace out around 20 metres.

 Run as fast as you can from start to finish and use the walk back to the start as recovery. Repeat 5 times as a finisher for your workout.


And there you have it, some nice simple park basics to get you going.
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