Psychological Benefits Of Tea: A Look At The Mind

Psychological Benefits Of Tea: A Look At The Mind

We all know tea is a delicious drink that can be had at any time of the day. Gone are the days when our only option was milk or no milk, tea now comes in such a range of flavours and blends that there is something to suit every palette.


The health benefits of drinking tea range from improving gut health to improving focus and concentration; and health benefits vary depending on which blend or infusion you are drinking.

The psychological benefits of tea however, have commonalities regardless of whether you are drinking a herbal blend or a simple Earl Grey. These psychological benefits can have a huge impact on overall wellbeing and will be explored in more detail below.


Research has shown that sipping a hot drink during conversation increases confidence and honesty amongst the conversation participants. This could explain why we as a nation love sitting down to a cup of hot tea with friends; the benefits of having the tea could allow us to have more open and honest conversations.

Studies have also shown drinking a hot drink leads us to feeling more trusting towards others. Participants demonstrate increased perceived trustworthiness towards others whilst drinking their mug of tea, which is likely lead to more interactions with others. We know from many studies of psychology that human interactions and friendships are a key factor in the prevention of depression and other mental health disorders, so tea could be a crucial factor in boosting our friendships.


Any process of activity can become a mindfulness practice when you slow your movements down, live in the moment of each action and take thought over the process.

Many people find the process of tea preparation to be therapeutic and relaxing, and take pride over the preparation aspects with cups, saucers and teapots. Sceptical? Just check out Noble Leaf's post on why making a cup of tea is the perfect time for mindfulness for people who are 'too busy' to meditate.
You only need to look at tea related products to understand that this preparation of tea really does impact our feelings of wellbeing. Tea ceremonies are ancient rituals in China and Japan which turn the act of making tea into a moving meditation. Todays societies breeds an active mind for many of us, with the constant stimulations of work, phones and media constantly engaging us on many levels. Try making your tea preparation into a mindfulness practice - be present in the moment as the water boils and the tea infuses.

New to Tea Meditation? Let Noble Leaf, the mindful tea company guide you through a number of 3 to 10 minute tea meditations - click here.

Researchers have found that drinking tea lowers cortisol levels, which is our stress hormone. Evidence of longer term health benefits are also now emerging, with many teas reducing the risk of developing depression and dementia.

All forward thinking companies should now be offering a range of teas to their staff for breaks; teas are a relatively cheap drink option demonstrated to improve worker productivity and focus.
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