Stay On The Yoga Mat, Stay On The Journey

Stay On The Yoga Mat, Stay On The Journey

"A practice that matters is tied to something deeper, the powerful, spiritual, alive energy of YES" - Baron Baptiste
Hi, I'm Lucy Beckwith-Ball, yoga teacher in Barcelona. We are in awakening times and now more than ever, let us support each other’s hearts & raise our spirits in the best way I know how....through yoga.
Together we can heal, awaken & transform.

Today I chose LOVE over fear, JOY over anxiety & DEEP REST over stress.

I had an interesting message from a friend the other day, who expressed how he was a bit over the yoga world right now, that it was all too much on social media and I completely understood. Social media is overwhelming at this time, especially in isolation and sadly this is taking the heart and spirit away from what is in its essence, sacred and healing.
I feel like we are in a moment where I need to urge you to stay on the mat and stay committed to what you know deep down is healing for you.
Many years now into isolation living and in some ways we have adapted, but in other ways we are being challenged more than ever. Even if we have a great commitment to the mat and going deeper in ourselves, we cannot deny that maintaining wellness and staying inspired is not always easy and it's been overwhelming over the past few weeks, for everyone.
I want to propose a challenge to you as warriors of the light, to use this time and any resistance that may be rising or any falling apart emotionally you may be experiencing, to take it to the mat, to be held and guided by the practice.
It is time now to go deeper. We can reside in a surface practice, where we keep to what makes us feel safe emotionally and physically or we can dare to break open. To discover the transformative practice of being real with ourselves and allowing your practice to be a prayer of inner discovery.
If we are to walk into a new world after this quarantine time how will we be able to maintain the changes we want to make if they are not of any real substance or integrity?

Our biggest challenge now is to face what we need to face to build integrity and strength to go out there and really heal the world this time.

  • Who do you need to forgive?
  • What responsibility do you need to take?
  • What deep patterns of resistance and being defensive do you need to face?
  • What are the stories you are still clinging too?
I ask all these questions because these are questions I have spent so long exploring, from my own life experience. I said to my son Arjuna the other day 'If you learn how to forgive and let go now, your life will be one of absolute wonder'.

Forgiveness is not easy and it is a process, forgiveness is the salvation of your whole inner world, it is the answer to suffering and conflict.

Why do we choose to live our lives in the past? Our practice teaches us to live in the NOW and opens us up to seeing our lives in a different way.

How many times have you turned up at class 'effed off with someone or something and then after Savasana you are like 'what was that all about'?

What if you were to live your life like that, a practice of letting go, softening to what is, allowing people to be as they are, to reduce the defence and made up stories in your head.

When you are truly present there are no stories, there is just now. That's why the mat is my happy place and why it is my mission is to take what I learn from my practice off the mat and into the world.

What is YOGA in this day and how does your practice show up for you in your life and relationships and the current situation?
These are the questions I challenge you to bring to the mat, how can we be of more service to the world through our practice, and this doesn't start with any teacher dictating any spiritual teachings, it starts only with YOU.


Since the confinement I have been filming daily with other teachers to bring you dynamic, restorative, pre natal and teen yoga classes. Please follow this link to see all the classes available with Lucy, Fran & Mitch at Shanti Vida Studio.

See you in the sunshine, all my love and prayers and gratitude
X Lucy
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