Sweet Stuffed Sticky Squash with Rollagranola Recipe

Sweet Stuffed Sticky Squash with Rollagranola Recipe

Rollagranola - who brought you delicious handmade nutty, luxury granola clusters with all-natural ingredients (gluten free with paleo, cereal-free, vegan & no-added sugar options) share their amazing meal-preppers delight recipe.

Here to bat away your assumptions that Rollagranola is only here for your breakfast, @nourishing.amy has created an absolute treat with this 'Sweet Stuffed Sticky Squash'!

Despite it looking like something straight out of a Michelin Star kitchen, it's incredibly easy too!

Sweet Stuffed Sticky Squash Recipe

1 Squash

1 Pot of coconut yoghurt
1 Handful of blueberries
1 Banana - sliced
1 Good handful of Zesty Caveman Rollagranola
Drizzle of Caramel Chocolate Sauce or a raw sweet sauce of your choice

Sprinkling of Coconut Flakes


1. Start by slicing the squash in half lengthways.
2. Then, face the squash up and roast with a little oil between 40-60mins until the squash is tender and sticky.
3. Scoop out the seeds and discard (alternatively, you can go on to bake the seeds separately with spices and seasoning - yum!)
4. Stuff the cavity with the thick Coconut Yoghurt and Blueberries.

5. Top with sliced banana and lots (and we mean lots) of Zesty Caveman and drizzle with caramel chocolate sauce and coconut flakes).

Food is a way to show your body you love it. From nourishing wholesome dishes to soul-lifting treats, anything that makes you satisfied and energised is what we're about.

Thanks again to the team at Rollagranola and @nourishing.amy for this incredibly easy autumn treat!

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