TRX Full Body Workout Plan - 4 Suspension Training Exercises

TRX Full Body Workout Plan - 4 Suspension Training Exercises

The TRX is a versatile piece of kit that can be used to train almost any part of the body!


For those of you who’ve not seen or used this kit, it's a suspension system which is hung from a high bar with two handles which can be used for hands or feet. The unstable nature of the system means movements have to be carefully controlled, therefore a high amount of muscle recruitment is achieved during each movement.

Below are some of our favourite TRX exercises for you to have a go at.

1. The Lying Pull Up

Hold both handles and walk your feet down until the body is almost parallel with the floor.

From here pull yourself up until chest touches the handles, then return to straight arms again.

This exercise is a brilliant build up to achieving the all-elusive, full hanging pull up.

2. Hamstring Curl

Begin laying on your back, and put both feet into the handles.

From here raise the hips off the floor, then bend the knees in and back out again. During this exercise the hamstrings are used to flex the knees, and are then required to eccentrically control the knee extension.

3. Abdominal Pike

Begin by placing both feet in the TRX with hands on the floor, so you are in a press up position with the feet raised.

From here, raise hips high into the air whilst maintaining straight legs.
You should achieve a pike position.
Return to the starting press up position.

This works the trunk musculature hard, and requires a solid brace throughout.

4. Pull Up into Superman

A great whole body exercise, this movement combines a pull up into an abdominal superman.

Start with the body around 45degrees to the ground, with both hands holding the handles.

From here pull the body up to upright then rotate the hands to lean forward into an abdominal superman position.

So there we have an upper body exercise, a lower body exercise, a core exercise and a combination move! See if you can add these into your workout.. Enjoy!

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