Want To Keep Training As You Age?  Here's 3 Things That'll Help You Train Forever

Want To Keep Training As You Age? Here's 3 Things That'll Help You Train Forever

We are a nation of excuse lovers, that's for sure. Too busy, too tired, too much other things on… the reasons as to why dash that training session go on.


But we are also a nation of declining health, and training is one simply way to look after your health. Regular working out increases life expectancy and also life quality. So let's look at a few simple things to keep you moving.

1. Get a few bits of kit at home

Don’t let those dark rainy evenings when you don’t fancy leaving the house be your excuse. Basic equipment such as a couple of dumbbells or even a barbell if you have the space have come down significantly in price and can be used effectively to give you a whole body workout.


If all you buy is a couple of dumbbells, you’ve kitted yourself out well. Straight away you can do:
- Dumbbell Squats
- Dumbbell Lunges
- Shoulder Press
- Dumbbell Rows
- Romanian Deadlifts
- Chest Press


Try that as a basic circuit whenever you fancy a home workout and you’re well on your way.

2. A little is better than nothing

Common misconceptions are that working out isn’t worthwhile if you aren’t going to train for at least an hour. That simply isn’t the case.

The human body is designed to move and quickly becomes stiff, tight and immobile with the stresses and strains of our constant sitting and work lives. If you have 10 minutes free in a lunch hour, do some yoga or stretching or even some basic squatting patterns.


You really can still gain some benefits from a simple 10 minutes a day movement. That 10 minutes can also be enough to keep you in a routine of moving and working out. The hardest thing once you stop is getting going again, so just don’t stop. Simple.

3. Invest in a good trainer

It's very easy to cheat yourself; no one will know if you have a week off training after all. But having someone expecting you to turn up somewhere and do some work makes you accountable.

The other benefit to having a trainer is the elimination of the stale factor. We all get stuck in our usual routines of same exercises, same reps and so on. A trainer will likely challenge you in areas different from the normal and give you some fresh ideas.

Even if it's not financially viable to book in weekly sessions, a one off session is often enough to guide you on your way and throw some new ideas into the mix, so is well worth the cash.

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