Wellness At Work: How To Maximise Productivity

Wellness At Work: How To Maximise Productivity

The way we attend our working day is slowly changing to follow evidence based criteria rather than old school tradition of grinding solidly through a 9-5. Most forward thinking companies are now searching for ways to maximise the productivity of their employees via the consideration of nutritional interventions, recovery strategies and monitoring workloads.

Research has demonstrated recovery processes allow workers to unwind and repair negative consequences of continual work. The general consensus amongst academic articles recommends micro breaks as energy management strategies throughout a work day.

Recent work by Kim, Park and Nyu (2017) demonstrated when workers took frequent breaks along with healthy snacks, workers reported less self perceived stress and work-related anxiety, as well as showing lower physiological markers of stress.

Recovery and exercise outside work hours has also been shown to enhance work performance the following day; hence why many companies now employ personal trainers or invest in an office gym. These financial investments will more than likely enhance worker performance over time, by allowing maximising their wellness and subsequent productivity.

Encouraging workers to take micro breaks from their work is the first simple step employers can take to facilitate wellbeing of employees.

Studies have shown consuming healthy snacks during breaks maintain blood glucose levels and maintain focus in the following hours. Providing healthy snacks on site reduces the chances of employees reaching for those unhealthy alternatives such as chocolate bars, when they are reaching a lull in their day.  Regular consumption of such convenience foods lead to long term health issues such as obesity and all its related chronic illnesses, increased stress levels, and reduction in immunity to other diseases. All these potential problems will result in time away from work and reduction in productivity and focus when in work.

Many companies now choose to stock their own healthy snacks to ensure employees are maximising their nutrition and health, whilst still giving that all important energy boost they need.


Snacks high in protein keep you fuller for longer. Protein rich snacks reduce the hormone ghrelin, which is our hunger hormone. Research has shown eating high protein snacks reduces the cravings for sugary sweet foods, in addition to boosting metabolism. Whilst protein rich snacks are clearly good, they still need to be tasty.


A chocolate treat is always popular in any room, and raw unrefined chocolate can provide many health benefits without the mass of sugar added into most commercial products. The raw cacao bean is a natural energy booster, rich in fibre, protein and many vitamins and minerals. Raw cacao is also very high in antioxidants, benefitting immunity and protecting the body from free radicals. Elements for Life and The Good Chocolate Company provide a range of quality chocolate products which will make an ideal healthy treat during a work break, which all employees are guaranteed to love.

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