Why Barus Nuts Are The Next Nutritional Training Superfood

Why Barus Nuts Are The Next Nutritional Training Superfood

Barus Nuts

I'm guessing you've not heard of the Baru nut before?! Don't worry, you're not late the the party! The Baru is a protein-packed powerhouse of antioxidants that's probably the next superfood to take over wellness.

What Are Baru Nuts?

Baru nuts grow wild in the Brazilian savanna and plays a crucial part in maintaining the eco system of the Cerrado and the Amazon. Looks like an elongated peanut! Baru nuts are ideal for anyone wanting a healthy snack and are suitable for vegans.

What Do Baru Nuts Taste Like?

An unroasted Baru nut has a subtle flavour and smooth outer shell.
The name Bari Bari means a loud crunchy sound in Japanese - very apt for this lovely crunchy nut!
Baru nuts are roasted until crunchy, then you can coat the nuts with signature flavours - Kinomi Nuts have Japanese flavours and intriguing spices - adding soya glaze, then a sprinkle of cumin, coriander, lime and chilli spice mix. This delicious blend makes them an amazingly tasty, wholesome snack.
The best Japanese flavours are at the base of all Kinomi nuts, reflecting the founder, Hiromi Stone's heritage and her passion for good food that is also good for you. Hiromi is the first person to bring Baru nuts into the UK and Kinomi nuts are the only company selling flavoured Baru’s.

Why Are The Baru Nuts A Nutritional Powerhouse?

Baru nuts contain the highest protein content of any nut, with the peanut coming in second place. Their high protein content makes them an ideal post training snack, and the Kinomi Baru’s come in a handy 20g pocket size pack, which is a perfect portion for after training.

Protein aids recovery after training and Baru nuts are growing in popularity as a key recovery food. You can also see here on this nutritional chart by the USDA Food Composition Database, that the Baru nuts have significantly higher nutrient values for fibre, Zinc, Potassium.

But did you know Baru nuts are also a low fat nut relative to most others? Only 28% of the calories are from fat, which may sound high but pecans are 74%, almonds 53% and cashews and most others around 50%. Never mind superfoods, the Baru is a supernut!

The Baru Nuts Are Recommended by Strength & Conditioning Experts


Kinomi sponsored athlete, 100m sprinter Corinne Humphries, states “Kinomi Baru nuts are ideal for me when travelling abroad to compete. They give me the protein hit I need and the packs are perfect to fit in both suitcases and training bags.
Professional footballer Liam MacDevitt agreed, saying “I often eat Kinomi Baru nuts between training sessions as my Strength and Conditioning Coach advised they aid my recovery. I’d never heard of them before, now I love them.


Rhys Ingram from the English Institute of Sport, has recently tried them and has added them into his diet also. Rhys coaches the GB Taekwondo team, and recognises the use of the Baru nuts as a great recovery product - “They are a very satisfying snack for both myself and my athletes. I often need a little pick me up after cycling into work and these are ideal. With the zingy, Japanese flavours, these moreish nuts are a great source of energy and recovery."
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