Why Biltong Is A Superior Snack For Getting These 4 Nutrients Into Your Diet

Why Biltong Is A Superior Snack For Getting These 4 Nutrients Into Your Diet

Biltong is a tasty and convenient snack. Fact!

Originating in South Africa, biltong is growing in popularity as we as a nation become more health conscious and are after healthy ways of snacking during the day. Most of us are aware biltong is a form of meat, but let us explain what biltong actually is and the reasons for including it into your diet.


So what is biltong and is it the same as jerky?

Biltong is a dried steak which is then cut into strips to allow us to eat it! People often use the terms biltong and jerky interchangeably, but there is actually a fair amount of difference. Jerky, in comparison to biltong, is generally cut, then dehydrated and can be made from either whole meat or minced meat. Biltong generally has spices added to the meat and is then hung to dry, whilst jerky is usually cooked or smoked. The process of hanging the meat means the finished biltong product is tender and tasty to eat!

What are the health benefits of biltong?

Biltong is a brilliant source of protein. The main roles of proteins in our body are growth, energy and repair - simply put, we need protein to help us build new cells, adapt to training and recover properly from exercise.

As well as its high protein content, biltong is high in zinc which assists in the recovery process. A mineral responsible for helping create enzymes, zinc assists with healing within the body.


We are all aware red meat is a good source of iron, and biltong is no different. This iron rich snack helps produce red blood cells, which carry oxygen around our body.


B-vitamins assist iron in the production of red blood cells and also help release energy from the food we consume. Biltong is a brilliant source of B vitamins. Be aware that you are buying good quality biltong such as Woza Biltong as lower grade biltong can be high in salt.

So how can I include Biltong into my diet?

For the above mentioned reasons, biltong is an ideal snack after training. This superfood will kick start your recovery from whatever overload you have placed on your body. The convenient ready to eat packages make it easy to get your protein hit after the gym and save you carrying powders and bars; it also has the benefit of being a natural product rather than a formulated protein bar with additives.

Biltong also makes an ideal snack for people looking to lose weight due to its low carbohydrate and fat contents. It is a nutrient dense food that suits most people!

Other recipe ideas for biltong include adding it to charcuterie plates, as pizza toppings or picnic hero instead of bacon, loaded sandwiches or with salads (it pairs beautifully with dried figs, goat's cheese, chicory salads!). 

Hand crafted from British Beef and made to order, Woza Biltong is spiced, sliced & ready to eat. It's free from artificial preservatives, low fat, no added sugar and gluten-free and has a lovely soft and moist texture.

What does Woza Biltong Taste Like?

One word...moist.

Woza was featured in the Sunday Telegraph in August 2018. In a taste-test feature on biltong and beef jerky, Woza’s Original Beef Biltong was rated as a 10/10 and the top choice against the other five products saying "This Great Taste 2018 Award winner is soft, moist, juicy - and far less chewy than the rest, with an umami-rich steak flavour, amplified by Worcestershire sauce. A Top Choice. 10/10".

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