F.E.T.E Bamboo Toothbrushes Are Earth-Friendly Lifestyle Solutions For Your Longevity

F.E.T.E Bamboo Toothbrushes Are Earth-Friendly Lifestyle Solutions For Your Longevity

Brushing those pearly whites has never felt better!

F.E.T.E. (From Earth To Earth) has a range of plastic-free, vibrant toothbrushes.

A vegan product that is truly eco-friendly & sustainable, the brushes and travel cases are constructed of responsibly farmed bamboo (F.S.C. Certificated - the mark of responsible forestry), the bristles are bamboo and charcoal fibre or biodegradable nylon, the paint used on the handles is eco friendly and non-carcinogenic.

The natural, sustainable and biodegradable credentials speak for themselves!

Earth-Friendly Toothbrushes  For Your Longevity

Why are we so thrilled to be able to share these with you? Well, they provide a practical strategy for your longevity!

There is a well established link between dental health and life span, but did you know that dental diseases can damage your body in two ways?

1. When bacteria gets into the blood stream it forms plaque on the walls of you arteries, making them narrower and more prone to becoming blocked, raising blood pressure and increasing the risk of coronary problems such as strokes and heart attacks.

2. The bacteria causes inflammation (your body's immune response) and narrows the arteries with the same potentially life-threatening consequences.

Three minutes in front of the bathroom mirror each morning suddenly seams less of a chore now, doesn't it!Why Choose F.E.T.E (From Earth To Earth)

Make the switch & swap out your plastic toothbrush to a more biodegradable life with the F.E.T.E. range of multipack bamboo toothbrushes and keep your mouth healthy at the same time.

VEGAN - made from Mao (Moso) Bamboo, it is one of the hundreds of bamboo species that panda bears don't consume - so production of these bamboo toothbrush products do not stop pandas from getting their breakfast.

NATURAL - anti-micobial, anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties.
ECO-FRIENDLY - bristles are BPA free, non-plastic nylon that won’t give off toxins like regular toothbrushes and can be pulled out & recycled after use.
SUSTAINABLE - the worlds fastest natural renewing resource.
BIODEGRADABLE - helps protect the environment to #breakfreefromplastic. The 100% compostable bamboo handles (coloured with natural resin plant paint) can be repurposes for craft or garden items.
SOFT, FIRM OR MEDIUM BRISTLES FOR ADULTS & CHILDREN - to suit your whole family's needs, soft and comfortable in your hand.
LUXURY SELECTION OF VIBRANT COLOURS - making it easier to know who's brush is whose.
MULTIPACKS & FAMILY SET AVAILABLE - you can switch over brushes after an illness or when the bristles start to flatten.

You can really start paying attention to your oral health without the worry of contaminating the environment.

F.E.T.E. is also a registered sponsor for “The Earth Organization,” a charity with the aim to reverse the decline of the Plant and Animal Kingdoms and our environment. So in using the F.E.T.E. products, you are helping to support positive actions for environmental change.
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