Yoga Mudra Series: 10. Hakini Mudra

Yoga Mudra Series: 10. Hakini Mudra

Unlock Your Inner Sherlock With This Gesture

In the last of this 10-part series, yoga teacher Lucie Ataya has walked us through 10 of the hand gestures used to strengthen and cleanse the body and mind in yoga and meditation practice.

These Mudras can help with the physical, mental and emotional body. If anything, mudras can make a yoga practice that little bit more creative.


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Yoga Mudras Series: 10. Hakini Mudra

The last mudra of this series is Hakini Mudra, the gesture of problem-solving. It can be used in a yoga practice but is also often seen in everyday situations when people are trying to gather or articulate their thoughts - Sherlock-style!


HOW TO: In a seated position, bring the tip of each finger to touch the same finger on the other hand.
The palms are separated.


BENEFITS: Hakini Mudra enhances focus and memory, stimulates a sense of intuitive guidance and communication between both sides of the brain.


DID YOU KNOW: In Hindu mythology, the goddess Hakini is the guardian to the pathway to higher levels of consciousness.



And that's the end of The Mudra Series!

I hope you have enjoyed this series. Whether you have started to incorporate mudras in your own practice, or you have simply played around with them as the series went along, I hope you have learnt at least one thing you felt was useful to your practice!


If you would like to learn more, a great book on the topic is 'Mudras for Modern Life' by Swami Saradananda.



Thanks to everyone who has followed the mudras Series. Stay tuned for more from Lucie!

 Lucie teaches wonderfully soulful yoga classes across South and Central London. Get in touch with Lucie to find out more:

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