Yoga Mudra Series: 3. Surya Mudra

Yoga Mudra Series: 3. Surya Mudra

Let Your Fingers Do The Talking

Over the last two weeks, yoga teacher Lucie Ataya has introduced you to the practice of mudras and shown you how to add these to your yoga and meditation practice.
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Yoga Mudras Series: 3. Surya Mudra

In Sanskrit, Surya means ’Sun’. Surya Mudra aims to create lightness in the body, and is most often used during meditation or breathing practice.


HOW TO: In a seated or kneeling position, bring the ring finger to touch the base of the thumb.
Then use the thumb to press the ring finger down. Keep the other fingers extended.


BENEFITS: Surya Mudra has positive impacts on digestion, fights off lethargy and stimulates creativity.


DID YOU KNOW: The base of the thumb symbolises the source of our creativity, which is stimulated in this Mudra by the pressure of the ring finger.

Have you used Surya Mudra?


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