Yoga Mudra Series: 5. Agni Mudra

Yoga Mudra Series: 5. Agni Mudra

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Over the last four weeks, our super lovely yoga teacher, Lucie Ataya, has introduced you to the practice of mudras and shown you the what's, the why's and the how's, so that you can add these to your yoga and meditation practice.


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Yoga Mudras Series: 5. Agni Mudra

In Sanskrit, Agni means ‘Fire’. 

Agni Mudra helps with balancing the heat and energy in the body - just what we need as the days become colder!
HOW TO: In a seated position, form a thumb’s up gesture with the right hand.
The left hand is open, palm facing up.
Bring the right hand to rest in the palm of the left hand, and rest both hands on your lap.


BENEFITS: Agni Mudra increases self-confidence and determination plus it regulates body heat.


DID YOU KNOW: In ancient Indian traditions, the thumb represents the fire element. Freeing the thumb from the rest of the fist formed by the right hand is a way to remove the fire element from the influence of the other elements.



How will you use the Agni Mudra in your practice?


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