Yoga Mudra Series: 6. Bhairava Mudra

Yoga Mudra Series: 6. Bhairava Mudra

Get Handsy : Feel The Calm

Over the last five weeks, our super lovely yoga teacher, Lucie Ataya, has treated us to the practice of mudras and shown you the what's, the why's and the how's, so that you can add these to your yoga and meditation practice.


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Yoga Mudras Series: 6. Bhairava Mudra

Most mudras require prolonged and regular practice before you start feeling their effect. this is not the case with Bhairava Mudra, which instils a sense of calm and quiet determination from the first practice.

This mudra is most commonly used during meditation.


HOW TO: In a seated position, place your hands on your lap.

Place your right hand on top of the left.

Both palms should face upwards.


BENEFITS: Bhairava Mudra brings a feeling of calm and peacefulness plus enhanced determination.


DID YOU KNOW: In Sanskrit, Bharaiva means 'Terrible' or 'frightful'. In Hindu mythology, Bharaiva is a fierce form of lord Shiva associated with destruction.


Lucie teaches wonderfully soulful yoga classes across South and Central London. Get in touch with Lucie to find out more:


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