Yoga Mudra Series: 7. Vishnu Mudra

Yoga Mudra Series: 7. Vishnu Mudra

The Yoga version of 'the spock'

Over the last few weeks, our super lovely yoga teacher, Lucie Ataya, has treated us to the practice of mudras and shown you the what's, the why's and the how's, so that you can add these to your yoga and meditation practice.


Mudras (hand gestures) work at the physical, psychological and spiritual levels and regular practice can help create inner peace and deep strength. Those who practice mudras in their yoga sessions have also claimed that they help to eliminate fatigue and anxiety, reduce self-criticism and feelings of anger, helps calm their minds, plus sharpen their intuition and happiness! Who wouldn't want to give all this a go, right!!!

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Yoga Mudras Series: 7. Vishnu Mudra

Vishnu Mudra is the gesture of universal balance. This mudra is generally used during pranayama (breathing practice), in exercises such as alternate nostril breathing (Anuloma Viloma).

HOW TO: In a seated position, bring the middle finger and index finger of the right hand to touch the base of the thumb.

Leave the thumb, ring finger and little finger extended.

BENEFITS: Vishnu Mudra balances the energies of the body, calming the mind.
DID YOU KNOW: In Hindu mythology, Vishnu is the protector of the universe, keeping it balanced.
Lucie teaches wonderfully playful yoga classes across South and Central London. Get in touch with Lucie to find out more:


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