Yoga Mudra Series: 8. Namaskar Mudra

Yoga Mudra Series: 8. Namaskar Mudra

The Yoga Salute


Ever wondered why yoga classes end with the palms together salute?


The wonderful Lucie Ataya, a London-based yoga teacher, has treated us to the practice of mudras and shown you the what's, the why's and the how's, so that you can add these to your yoga and meditation practice.


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Yoga Mudras Series: 8. Namaskar Mudra

Namaskar Mudra is probably the most widely used gesture in yoga classes. It is also a sign of greeting in India. It can be used in meditation or as an arm variation during the asana (postures practice).


HOW TO: In a seated position, bring the palms of the hands together to touch, fingers pointed up. 

The sides of the thumbs are resting against the heart centre.


BENEFITS: Namaskar Mudra balances the right and left sides of the body, inviting the practitioner to look inwards.


DID YOU KNOW: In Sanskrit, Namaskar can be translated as 'the essence in me salutes the essence in you'.
Lucie teaches wonderfully playful yoga classes across South and Central London. Get in touch with Lucie to find out more:


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