Yoga Mudra Series: 9. Ganesha Mudra

Yoga Mudra Series: 9. Ganesha Mudra

Never doubt your Dopeness with this gesture

Sometimes we need to give ourselves a boost to bring calm, peace and motivation to our bodies. The wonderful Lucie Ataya, a London-based yoga teacher, has treated us to the practice of mudras and shown you the what's, the why's and the how's, so that you can add these to your yoga and meditation practice.


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Yoga Mudras Series: 9. Ganesha Mudra

In Hindu mythology, Ganesha is a popular deity, the remover of obstacles. Ganesha Mudra aims to induce a feeling of strength and determination to tackle one's problems.


HOW TO: In a seated, standing or lying down position, bring the right hand palm facing up and then the left hand, palm facing down over the right.


Bend the fingers of both hands and hook them together.
Hold the hands at waist level if standing or lying down or on your lap if sitting down.



BENEFITS: Ganesha Mudra invites the confidence and courage to face and remove problems.



DID YOU KNOW: Hooking all fingers together represents the joining of all elements to create a sense of courage and determination.

Lucie teaches wonderfully soulful yoga classes across South and Central London. Get in touch with Lucie to find out more:

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