Yoga Mudras Series: 1. Chin Mudra

Yoga Mudras Series: 1. Chin Mudra

Introducing the Mudras


In the Indian tradition, mudras are hands gestures used to strengthen and cleanse the body and mind. They help with ensuring the free flow of ‘prana’ - or life force - around the body.



Indian traditions state that repeated use of mudras can positively impact the physical, mental and emotional body. If anything, mudras can make a yoga practice that little bit more creative and are commonly used in classes during asana, meditation and pranayama practice.



Some of the benefits of using mudras include: increasing flexibility and mobility in the hands, enhancing meditation practice, as well as a variety of other health benefits.



I have been exploring mudras as part of my own practice and have found them fascinating, so I wanted to do a little ‘Mudras Series’. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing more about 10 of the most commonly used Mudras.


Check out the first one below and stay tuned for more!

Yoga Mudras Series: 1. Chin Mudra


Chin Mudra is probably one of the most commonly used mudras in a yoga class - it is often used in meditation practice or asana practice in poses such as tree pose (Vrisksasana). In Sanskrit, Chin means ‘unrestricted consciousness’.



HOW TO: bring the tip of the thumb and the tip of the index finger to touch. The other fingers should be relaxed. Palms are facing up.



BENEFITS: Chin Mudra invites inner peace and calmness and helps the practitioner to tune in.



DID YOU KNOW? In the ancient yogic tradition, the thumb symbolises Supreme Consciousness whilst the index finger symbolises Individual consciousness. Therefore, bringing the thumb and index finger to touch marks the symbol of the individual ego merging into the universal.



What's your experience of Chin Mudra?


Stay tuned for the rest of this series!
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