Yoga Mudras Series: 2. Kshepana Mudra

Yoga Mudras Series: 2. Kshepana Mudra

Getting Handsy With Your Second Mudra

Last week, we introduced you to the Indian tradition of mudras - hands gestures used to strengthen and cleanse the body and mind and commonly used in yoga and meditation practice.

If you've not already, check out the first Mudra in the series - The Chin Mudra and stay tuned for more!

Yoga Mudras Series: 2. Kshepana Mudra

Kshepana Mudra is often used in postures such as standing side stretches, or low lunge (Anjaneyasana). Kshepana Mudra translates as the ‘gesture of letting go’.

HOW TO: Bring the palms to touch and interlace the fingers. Then release the index fingers and point them up.

You may be sitting or standing, hands may be in front of the heart centre, or arms extended above the head.


BENEFITS: Kshepana Mudra helps releasing stress, letting go of anything that is no longer needed, and has a positive impact on the breath


DID YOU KNOW: In the ancient yogic tradition, the index fingers represent the air element. Bringing the two index fingers together is said to stimulate the air element and to blow away what the body does not need.


What's your experience of Kshepana Mudra?
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