Yogacycled Sustainable Leggings & Reversible Swimwear

Yogacycled Sustainable Leggings & Reversible Swimwear

Yogacycled - from waste to wear!
A female-founded activewear brand using recycled plastic water bottles that would end up on the landfills otherwise, to produce comfortable and sustainable activewear and swimwear in mega-watt colours and unique designs. 

🌱 1 garment bought = 1 tree planted.

♻️ Approx. 20 plastic bottles are repurposed to make each pair of leggings or swimsuit.

Yogacycled was created by two sisters, Anastasia & Oxana who offer unique hand drawn designs and soft and comfortable activewear produced from recycled plastic, suitable for different activities, such as yoga, fitness, swim, bike, running.

Yogacycled activewear is the softest and the most comfortable slow fashion active wear made from recycled plastic water bottles.

This is how the magic happens....✨ The recycled plastic bottles are broken into flakes, melted into pellets, spun into yarn and knitted into performance fabrics. Plastic bottles never looked so good.


Today the world’s oceans have 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic rubbish with approx 8 million tons of plastic each year being added because 95% of plastic is single-use. If we don't change our lifestyles by 2025, the ocean could contain one ton of plastic for every three tons of fish or there are will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050. Plastic takes about 400-1000 years to decompose. So what's currently there needs to be repurposed. Yogacycled believe it is time to make a change.


As a slow fashion company Yogacycled avoid overproduction by producing gear in limited quantities, use compostable shipping envelopes and plant a tree from each order via a non-profit organisation 'One Tree Planted' to support reforestation.


By purchasing Yogacycled swimsuits and leggings you are supporting sustainable garments. Crafted with 84% recycled P.E.T (post-consumer recovered plastic water bottles) + 16% spandex, this keeps approx. 20 plastic bottles out of landfills. Yep, you got it, every time you're wearing one of Yogacycled custom engineered pieces you're sweating it out in recycling!

rPET consumes less energy than producing virgin polyester and unlike natural fibres, polyester is exceptionally durable. This fabric is made to last and are resistant to shrinking & stretching.

  • 100% Non-pilling,
  • Feature vibrant colours that will not fade with time
  • Have 4-way stretch fabric feels like a second skin but gives excellent coverage.
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Breathable, anti-bacterial, moisture wicking and quick drying fabric
  • Swimsuits are reversible with 2 designs
  • Leggings available in ankle length & extra long


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