Meditation For Self Acceptance - Days 21-30 Guided Meditation Videos

Meditation For Self Acceptance - Days 21-30 Guided Meditation Videos

Welcome to the last part in this 30-day Meditation for Self Acceptance series!

Over the last 2 weeks we have showcased Holiday Phillips' FREE Guided Meditation Videos - 5-8min 'how to' guides to help you learn the basics of mindfulness and meditation.
The 30 day series guides you through one meditation a day in the aim of managing self criticism - from getting into a relaxed state, meditating for a specific purpose, giving you time for silent reflection and closing the practice.


How are you finding your practice?  What changes have you noticed? What is motivating you to meditate each day?


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Need some Q&A before you get going like 'Is meditation supposed to be boring?' 'Should I force myself to meditate even if I don't want to?'.

Is it better to meditate morning or evening? Find out here!

Self Acceptance Guided Meditation Videos

Day 21 - Be Here Now

You are three-quarters of the way through your challenge!! Such a big well done from me to you - keep going, you are giving yourself such a gift. Today, 5 minute to be in the here and now. Simple, Still, Quite. Enjoy

Day 22 - Breathing + Acceptance

Welcome to the final full week of your challenge! Since you are basically a pro by now ;) this week we take things deeper by revisiting key meditations, but with a real focus on total acceptance for where you are in the moment, on your meditation journey and in your life. I really hope that this practise sets you up for success after the challenge. Today we take it back to the Mama of all meditations.. breathing.

Day 23 - Sounds + Acceptance

Today we take it back to sounds. The deepening here is to accept all sounds as equal - not wanting some to go away and some to stay, but just allowing them all to be here with you in the present moment.

Day 24 - Thoughts + Acceptance

This is such an important meditation because for most of us our thoughts can be overwhelming. The practise here is to know that we don't need to listen to, get swept away with or be troubled by every thought if we can learn to accept them as passing events. Like clouds in the sky, like leaves in the stream, like sounds, like sensations - just passing visitors.

Day 25 - Soothing Touch Revisited

A moment of active compassion for you.

Day 26 - Accepting Emotions

We can tend to think that some emotions are "good" (happiness, joy, excitement) and others are "bad" (sadness, anger, boredom) - but in truth they are all valid. And when we accept the full rainbow of our emotions we are accepting our whole selves, not just the shiny version of ourselves. So with this meditation, practise accepting how you feel now.. all of it!

Day 27 - Self Compassion Break Revisited

This is my personal favourite meditation out of all meditations! For anyone with a loud inner critic this meditation is your gold.. once you get the hang of it you can do it any time & it need only take you 10-15 seconds if that's all you have.

Day 28 - Loving Kindness Revisited

Today choose where you would like to direct love & kindness. Is it to yourself, someone you love or someone causing you some difficulty? Take a moment to decide and then let it shine out of you :).

Day 29 - Be Here Now

Your penultimate meditation of this challenge! Such a huge congratulations for all the work you've done. A final 5 minutes to be, here and now.

Day 30 - A Moment of Reflection

First of all CONGRATULATIONS on (nearly!) completing this 30 day challenge. We've covered so much and I really hope this has set you on your path to enjoying all the insights, peace, joy & fulfilment that meditation brings. For now, take 5 minutes to reflect on all you've done in your meditation journey over the past month. Be proud of yourself, celebrate yourself and smile :) With love, Holiday x

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Holiday is a fresh new voice in the meditation world, calling the style she teaches Soulfulness - mindfulness with the soul. Fusing the practise of mindfulness - that teaches us to live in the present moment with the more soulful practises of compassion, affirmation and gratitude - that teach us to love ourselves and the life we are in.


Intent on bringing meditation to the next generation of meditators, Holiday has trained for years with some of the best meditation teachers in the world to help you with your meditation practice.


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