How much does OmniAthlete cost?

You can use a lot of our featured information, articles and health hub for free — If you want to do a home blood test, gain personalised wellbeing analysis, health scores and ongoing support plans you’ll need to pay. See pricing


What services does my subscription include?

The services which you are ordering consist of:

  • Creating an OMNIathlete account and answering a small number of questions about yourself;
  • Delivery of a blood sample kit by our laboratory or nurse-visit blood draw service, chosen during the purchase and scheduling process;
  • Blood testing which is carried out by a Laboratory. After analysis, the lab will send OMNIathlete your blood data for analysis related to healthy aging, and diet and fitness;
  • Preparation of a report containing general healthcare and lifestyle advice relating to the type of blood testing carried out by the lab produced by an external doctor and nutritionist commentary on results;
  • OMNIathlete alerts you when your results are ready which will be presented to you via email & phone consultations.  
  • Reoccurring subscription of the above every 3 months until cancelation of service by you.


What’s the difference between OmniAthlete and my GP/hospital results?

Blood tests at your GP or hospital are usually from a vein (venous). The only difference is how your blood is collected — typically our customers collect their blood sample through a finger-prick postal kit. We only offer biomarker tests that the lab has proven to be accurate from finger-prick samples/ blood draw.

The labs we work with are likely using the same or similar equipment to what an NHS lab uses. It might even be the same lab.


Can I choose how my blood sample will be collected?

 Yes - at the checkout page, you may choose either to be sent a postal finger prick test to conduct the blood sample collection yourself, or a nurse visit blood draw appointment for a blood sample to be taken from a vein.


How do you keep my data secure?

Your data is in safe hands, we use the latest encryption technologies and continually assess our GDPR compliance. See Privacy PolicyYour blood samples, once received by our lab are stored for 7 days after processing. After 7 days the samples are disposed of in the appropriate clinical waste stream. Clinical waste is picked up on a weekly basis.

What personal details do I need to label my blood sample with for accurate results?

Our lab requires 3 points of ID: Forename / Surname / DOB. The details on the blood sample label must match the details on your order with OMNIathlete, in order to facilitate timely sample processing through pre-analysis to reporting.  We advise that you carefully check the details at the checkout stage of your order and inform us at the earliest opportunity of any incorrect details. 

How do I do a blood test at home?

Your testing kit contains everything you need to do a finger-prick blood test at home plus instructions on how to take a fasted blood sample. We’ll walk you through it with our online guide. See an overview of the process

The validity of the Kit will expire after 60 days of delivery to you, so you are required to collect and post your blood sample to the Laboratory at the address provided within that period.

If you’d like a nurse to come to your home or workplace and take a venous (vein) sample for you, this option will be available at the checkout page.


Do I need to be in to receive my kit through the post?

No – our test kits are designed to fit through your letterbox and don't require a signature on delivery.


Are the kits discreet?

Hint: yes, absolutely.We send out our kits in plain packaging to protect your privacy — just in case you prefer that people didn't know you're performing a test. 

We deliver our kits by Royal Mail first class.

We typically send out kits on the next working day if ordered Monday — Friday before 1pm. Orders typically arrive in one to two business days


When do I get in touch if I still haven't received my kit?

Hint: after 10 business days.

Kits are occasionally delayed in the post.

If more than ten business days have passed since ordering your kit, please get in touch with our support team (louise@omniathlete.today) confirming your delivery address and we'll send you a replacement kit free of charge.

Please note: OMNIathlete is currently only available for adults who live in the UK. We unfortunately can not process international orders. Orders placed for delivery outside the UK will be cancelled and a full refund will be processed.


Where is OmniAthlete available?

Hint: Just the UK.

OMNIathlete is currently only available for adults who live in the UK (not the Republic of Ireland). We unfortunately can not process international orders. Orders placed for delivery outside the UK and the channel islands will be cancelled and a full refund will be processed.


Can my child use OmniAthlete?

Hint: No, not if they're under the age of 18.

OMNIathlete is available to all adults in the UK and we're unable to process tests for anyone under the age of 18.

Please note that an account can not be created for someone under the age of 18. It's a breach of our terms and conditions to attempt to circumvent this restriction, and we have internal procedures in place for handling such instances.

If you're looking to run tests on a child, you should always consult your GP.

If you have any doubt about whether you can use OMNIathlete, please get in touch with us at bill@omniathlete.today.


What’s the best way to prepare for my fasted blood sample collection?

Please make sure you follow any specific instructions we may have given you, such as fasting for specific blood tests.

With a fasted blood test you will not consume food or drink except for plain water for approximately 12 hours overnight before the test is conducted.  During the overnight fast, please stay adequately hydrated by drinking sufficient plain water to satisfy your thirst, take prescribed medications as usual and as soon as your blood is taken, your fast is over and you can eat and drink as normal.

Try to be as relaxed as possible prior to your blood sample collection. Your blood pressure can easily be raised by things such as stress, alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco and it’s therefore advisable to try and refrain from these immediately before your sample collection.


I have a physical disability — how can I easily collect my sample?

Hint: Get your blood pumping in a way that feels right for you!

OMNIathlete is working to become the UK’s first preventative health service, and we want everyone to be a part of that journey. Our sample collection guide recommends skipping on the spot and standing up to make sample collection as easy as possible.

Having a physical disability may make this difficult.The most important thing here is to get your blood pumping. You can do that in any way that works for you.We’d recommend giving the options below a try:

  • Swinging your arm in circular motions

  • Continuously clenching your hand into a fist.

If you would prefer a home visit by a registered nurse to collect a venus blood sample, that option is available at the checkout stage. Our lab will be in touch once your order has been processed to arrange a suitable appointment day and time for this. 


I want to have a registered nurse collect my blood sample at home, how long do appointments take and how do they work?

They usually last approximately 10 to 15 minutes, although this may vary depending on the requirement. Appointments with additional needs, may take longer therefore it is recommended to discuss appointment length when the appointment scheduling takes place.

Our labs' medical examiner will call you to arrange a convenient date and time to visit you. You may choose to have the exam completed at home, or work if there is a suitable private room available.
Please discuss appointment location suitability when appointment scheduling takes place.
The medical examiner may be able to advise you of the specific requirements for the appointment e.g., whether you have to fast for your blood test.


What's involved in a Nurse visit blood-draw appointment?

A relatively small amount (not more than 35 ml) of blood will be taken from a vein, usually from your arm with a syringe and needle into one or more vials. 

You should advise the medical professional conducting your appointment if:

• You’ve experienced any previous problems, such as fainting or nausea
• You are currently taking Warfarin or long-term Aspirin
• You have difficulty clotting or bruise easily

alongside any information regarding any injury and illness that may be relevant for the appointment.

Make sure you drink plenty of water (even for a fasting test) and take your medications as usual.
All equipment is sterile and only used once.


Why do you need so little blood?

We collect at least 400uL of blood (about 10 drops) but the lab analysers require less than 100uL of blood— research shows you typically need about 60uL for accurate results.

I need to rearrange my appointment, how do I do it?

If you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment for any reason, then simply contact your examiner or our lab's customer service centre using these contact details (email: info@inuvi.co.uk,  tel: 0118 467 0555).

Please provide at least 2 working days’ notice to avoid possible charges.


Can I perform either a postal kit blood sample or nurse visit blood draw test if I'm sick or pregnant?

Hint: If you're pregnant – yes. But if you're sick – it's best to wait or visit your GP.

All of our blood tests are safe for pregnant women but you should leave a note in your health profile / order notes to notify the expert practitioner who reviews your results.

If you're sick, it's best to wait until you've recovered to get the best results from your test. We're a lifestyle tracking service, rather than a diagnostics one. So if you're seriously ill, you should seek medical attention from your doctor instead of trying to diagnose any problems using an OMNIathlete test kit.


What happens next after my blood sample is taken?

Your blood sample will be tested by our lab for a number of select vitamins, minerals and metabolites (biomarkers) that will indicate your nutritional and physical fitness status within 2 working days of the sample being received.

The biomarker data will be sent to your OMNIathlete expert consultant who will compile an accurate health report with recommendations and contact you directly to discuss this. Typically this process occurs within XXX days of your biomarker data being analysed by our lab.



Blood test aftercare advice

It’s important that you take care of yourself after having a blood test. 

The instructions included in the postal kit finger prick test will explain clearly how to administer the test safely. Please read these carefully.

The examiner for a nurse visit blood draw will take your blood with the utmost of care, however sometimes a lump and/or bruising can appear, even if this hasn’t happened before. It can look very dramatic, and you may find this worrying, especially if it’s not in the area where the blood was taken or is visible for a few days after the procedure.

Please don’t worry, these side effects are usually harmless and will go away in time. You may also experience bleeding, minor discomfort or swelling. These three steps are designed to help reduce any side affects you may experience:

Step 1
Keep the dressing/plaster on your arm or hand clean, dry and in place for at least two hours. Avoid straining and lifting any heavy items with your arm/hand (e.g., exercise, sports, digging, ironing, and carrying parcels, handbags, or briefcases) during this time.

Step 2
If bleeding occurs, apply firm pressure with your fingers directly over the puncture site and elevate your arm/hand until the bleeding stops.

Step 3
If you experience any pain, discomfort or swelling in your arm/hand, elevate and place an ice pack (or a few ice cubes wrapped in a towel) over the area for 10
Let the area return to its normal temperature and then reapply the ice for a further 10 minutes.

You should seek medical advice if you experience:
• Increasing or severe pain, inflammation, or bruising
• Swelling that’s not improving
• Pins and needles or a feeling of numbness in your arm, hand, or fingers
• Coldness or paleness in your hand/arm


Coronavirus Pandemic + Nurse visit blood draw

Our lab partner has implemented procedures with our medical examiners in order to conduct medical examinations safely during the coronavirus pandemic. The steps that our lab has taken are there to ensure the safety and wellbeing of medical examiners and OMNIathlete customers alike.

Our lab's medical examiners will use their clinical knowledge and infection prevention and control procedures throughout the process. These procedures have been prepared using government guidance to mitigate the risk of exposure to and the transference of the coronavirus between medical examiners and customers at an appointment by applying best practice through a series of practical steps and measures including the use of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

According to the NHS website the main symptoms of coronavirus are:
• high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
• new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)
• loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you've noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal

As part of the appointment arrangement process a pre-screening questionnaire will be carried out by our lab with you and if you have been diagnosed with or had any potential contact with Coronavirus then they will not be able to proceed with a face-to-face assessment at this time. Dependent on your specific circumstances they may re-contact you again in due course, or we will refer back to OMNIathlete as a postal finger prick test may be more appropriate at this time.
If an appointment is scheduled and your circumstances change, simply contact your examiner or our lab's customer service centre using the contact details above.

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