Labs and Accuracy

Labs and accuracy

Our top priority across everything we do is to provide you with clinically valid and accurate in-depth health analysis, an ultra-personalised wellness plan, and ongoing, fully customised wellness support – based on your unique blood results.

Combining rigorous, peer-reviewed science with cutting edge biodata technology and the creative power of a multi-disciplinary team of OmniAthlete experts around you, this can result in great advances for your well-being and performance.


Our labs

We work with an independent lab, Inuvi Health Ltd, who are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) ensuring best practices and rigorous levels of compliance in data protection to information security. They are held to the same standards as GP practices, hospitals, and other health care providers in the UK.

Our lab uses various monitoring techniques and certification from British Assessment Bureau to ensure compliance with ISO15189 medical laboratory standards and to make sure the blood test results they produce are reliable. 

ISO 15189 accreditation underpins confidence in the quality of medical laboratories through a process that verifies their integrity, impartiality and competence. 

Assessments under UKAS accreditation ensure labs meet the relevant requirements including the operation of a quality management system and the ability to demonstrate that specific activities are performed within the criteria set out in the relevant standard. 

A copy of their current schedule of accreditation can be accessed directly from the UKAS website using our UKAS number 10641.


Our testing kits

Our home blood testing kits are CE-marked. This means everything in our kits meet health and safety requirements within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Results accuracy

By collecting your blood sample properly, your results should be reliable and accurate — our easy to follow instructions will guide you through it.

The labs we work with run validation tests on all finger-prick blood samples before making them available. 


Our technology

Our team of data scientists, nutritionists and clinicians use the power of technology, rigorous, peer-reviewed science alongside your personal questionnaire data to further ensure that everything we do is safe and credible. 

We draw on data from relevant and current scientific peer-reviewed literature and deep bioinformatic blood analysis to provide personalised health insights and lifestyle recommendations, customised to each individual client based on your blood results and biodata.


Always evolving biochemistry

When it comes to understanding what is going on inside your body, blood is a powerful dynamic, changing over time biomarker for your optimum health. With  inputs from your environment and dietary choices, to your sleep and stress levels, your blood data can help steer personalised guidance generated by pour team of OMNIathlete experts to ensure it is as accurate as possible and giving you an advantage in reaching your wellness goals.

It’s not just blood that helps drives your health analysis, physiological metrics like height, weight, age, gender, and ethnicity all factor into the equation.  Sleep, stress, dietary preferences and allergies, fitness habits, meditation and supplement regimens all provide relevant insights into your state of wellness.  These factors are critical both individually and in combination, as they drive the precision of OMNIathlete’s recommendations. No two bodies are the same, and scientific studies have proven time and again that what’s right for one person isn’t necessarily right for another.  We ask the right questions and will work alongside any wearable devices to develop a broad yet precise perspective of you, your goals and your wellness for ultra-personalised, integrative health plans.

It’s a smart and ever-evolving process, just like your body.

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